Graphic Novel Review: Civil War by Mark Millar

About: Civil War by Mark Millar (illustrated by Steve McNiven) is a comic book event which pitted a team led by Captain America against a team led by Iron Man (Tony Stark) at great cost to both. This graphic novel was adapted to the 2016 motion picture Captain America: Civil War from Marvel Studios. 208 pages Publisher: Marvel Comics Language: English ISBN-10: 9780785121794 My rating for Civil War – 4 Buy Civil War from* More Books by Mark Millar* Thoughts: Every once in a while, more often then we’d like to think, both Marvel and DC Comics create an event which will “change the universe”, for once they were right. At the time, Civil War by Mark Millar (illustrated by Steve McNiven) was savagely hated by Marvel fans, but I really enjoy stories which look at iconic symbols, fictional or not, from a more realistic angle. The story is written in a way which makes you realize that sometimes it’s not a simple question of wrong vs. rights, but that people on opposite sides have valid viewpoints – much like in real life. It’s not difficult to believe that if masked super people started bashing criminals but causing much collateral damage, in both life…

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