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Fun Facts Friday: Maria Dermoût

Maria Dermoût (15 June, 1888 – 27 June, 1962), was a novelist who is considered to be of the most important writers in Dutch indies literature. Books by Maria Dermoût* She was born on the island of Java, in the Dutch East Indies as Helena Anthonia Maria Elisabeth Dermoût-Ingerman. Her parents were descendants of employees […]

Book Review: The Anatomy Lesson by Nina Siegal

I enjoyed reading about each of the well-developed characters and their back-story. Along with the creative story, the reader gets a sense of 17th Century Holland and what it was like to live during that time.

Friday Facts: Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s Diary was published in 67 languages and is considered one of the best first-hand experiences of the war from a unique Jewish perspective.

Book Review: Deliver Us From Darkness by Ian Gardner and Mario Dicarlo

The book is very dense with lots of eyewitness accounts to the battles from the average soldiers as well as civilian locals.

Book Review: Pepper: A History of the World’s Most Influential Spice by Marjorie Shaffer

Pepper: A History of the World’s Most Influential Spice by Marjorie Shaffer is a non-fiction book tracing history through the trade of black pepper. Ms. Shaffer is a business reporter and science writer.

Book Review: House of Rocamora by Donald Michael Platt

About: House of Rocamora by Donald Michael Platt is a historical fiction book taking place in Amsterdam. This is a sequel to the well received Rocamaora: Man of Masks which I wrote about last month. 346 pages Publisher: Raven’s Wing Books (November 19, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 1618070916 My rat­ing for House of Rocamora — 5 Buy […]

Book Reivew: Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

About: Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier is a historical fiction novel taking place in 17th Century Holland. The book has fascinating descriptions of the times, how people lived and behaved. 256 pages Publisher: Plume; Deluxe edition (August 30, 2005) Language: English ISBN-10: 0452287022   My rating for Girl with a Pearl Earring – 3 Buy this book in paper or […]

Book Review: The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva

Article first published as Book Review: The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva on Blogcritics. About: The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva brings back Israeli spy Gabriel Allon in this seventh installment. This time we find Allon as a weary, tired agent ready to hang up his holster and, unwillingly, accept his fate in management. 385 pages Publisher: Putnam Adult […]

Book Review: Pegasus Falling by William E. Thomas

Article first published as Book Review: Pegasus Falling William E. Thomas on Blogcritics. About: Pegasus Falling : Cypress Branches trilogy (Volume 1) by William E. Thomas is the semi-autobiographical novel of the author who served as a British paratrooper in World War II. Mr. Thomas’ book was self published by his grandson, Mike Harris who is a copy-editor and […]

Thoughts on: Winter in Wartime by Jan Terlouw

About: Winter in Wartime by Jan Terlouw is a fictional book set in World War II. The book is a Dutch classic originally called Oorlogswinter. 220 pages Publisher: Lemniscaat USA ISBN: 1935954024 My rating for Winter in Wartime – 5 Buy & Save on Winter in Wartime through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account on: Ama­zon | Book […]

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