Fun Facts: Sholem Asch
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / November 1, 2019

The drama 1906 God of Vengeance (Got fun nekome) takes place in a Jewish brothel and includes Jewish prostitutes, lesbians, and throwing of the Torah across the stage. The play was translated into about a dozen languages and was very controversial. It was hailed as artistic and beautiful but also as immoral and misrepresenting Jewish traditions.

Book Review: Devotion by Dani Shapiro

I got this book for free as part of the TLC Book Tour promotion. Dani Shapiro is available and very enthusiastic about doing skype chats with book clubs. My rating for Devotion – 3 About: “Devotion” by Dani Shapiro (Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog) is a memoir about the authors mid-life crisis and search for spirituality. The book provided a fascinating read into the mind of a woman that, it seemed to me, couldn’t find inner calm if it slapped her in the face. Purchase “Devotion” through the ManOfLaBook affiliate account on: Amazon |Book Depository US | Book Depository UK Thoughts: In “Devotion” by Dani Shapiro, writes in an absorbing style about her upbringing in an orthodox Jewish household, which is divided, much like the author, between an observant father and a resentful mother. As most of us do, Ms. Shapiro rebelled, started drinking and took on an ill-advised lover in the form of a friend’s stepfather. Her life were altered when her parents were involved in a car crush, her father tragically lost his life, her mother broke 80 bones. Ms. Shapiro was harshly introduced to the fragility of life which seemingly became a quest for understanding…

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