Fun Facts Friday: Michael Crichton
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / October 23, 2020

Michael Crichton (23 October, 1942 – 4 November, 2008) was an American author of medical fiction and techno-thrillers, as well as a successful filmmaker. Mr. Crichton is known for many projects, including Westworld, ER, Jurassic Park, and The Andromeda Strain.

Fun Facts Friday: Edgar Lee Masters
Latest Posts / August 23, 2019

A series of poems about Mr. Masters’ childhood in Western Illinois appeared in a St. Louis literary journal called Reedy’s Mirror. Contributors to the journal included Ezra Pound, Robert Frost, and Theodore Dreiser.

Book Review: Grateful American by Gary Sinise

About: Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service by Gary Sinise is a biography of the famous actor about his career, family and charity work. Mr. Sinise is a talented actor, known to many as Lieutenant Dan from the classic movie Forrest Gump, but is appreciated just as much for his work with American wounded veterans. 272 pages Publisher: Thomas Nelson Language: English ISBN-10: 1400208122 My rating for Grateful American – 4 Buy Grateful American from* More books by Gary Sinise* Thoughts: Forrest Gump and Apollo 13 are two of my favorite movies, but the work that Mr. Sinise does with wounded veterans is what sets him apart from many of his profession. I was looking forward to read the biography Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service by Gary Sinise, and I was not disappointed. Mr. Sinise writes in a direct, honest way in which he tells his life story. His childhood and rebellious teenage years in Chicago, the founding of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and his family – all from a point of view of appreciating the United States and those who protect it. The author made it his life’s mission to help wounded veterans wherever he can….

Fun Facts Friday: Charlemae Hill Rollins
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / June 20, 2014

Among her many awards and honors, Mrs. Rollins was the first African-American to receive an honorary life membership in the ALA (1972). The children’s room at the Hall Branch Library was named in Rollins’ honor. The Charlemae Hill Rollins Colloquium is held twice a year at North Carolina Central University, where attendees discuss how to improve library services for children.

Thoughts on: The Personal History of Rachel DuPree by Ann Weisgarber
5 Stars , Fiction , Historical Fiction , Latest Posts / November 8, 2011

About: The Personal History of Rachel DuPree by Ann Weisgarber is an award-winning fictional book taking place in the Badlands of South Dakota. The book follows the tough life in that area. The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one copy of this book— enter at the end of the post. 336 pages Publisher: Penguin ISBN: 0143119486 My rating for The Personal History of Rachel DuPree – 5 Buy & Save on The Personal History of Rachel DuPree through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account on: Ama­zon | Kin­dle | Book Depos­i­tory US | Book Depos­i­tory UK Thoughts: The Personal History of Rachel DuPree by Ann Weisgarber (website) is a unique work, well written and an excellent first effort by the author. There are many themes in this book, racism, hardships, pioneering, work ethic and American form of capitalism among others social themes. The story about living in a harsh environment was gripping and compelling. The “Personal History” of a black wife to a South Dakota rancher is fascinating. The racism aspect of the book, to me, was the more pronounced hardship which Rachel experienced. Not only from the whites in Chicago, but also from the better-off African-Americans as well as some whites in the…

Book Review: The Instructions by Adam Levin
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / April 6, 2011

I bought this book. My rating for The Instructions – 4 About: “The Instructions” by Adam Levin is a fictional book taking place over three days. This long book which tells a short story follows one very bright troublemaker in Junior High School. 1,030 pages Publisher: McSweeney’s ISBN: 9781934781821 Pur­chase “The Instructions” through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account on: Ama­zon |Book Depos­i­tory US | Book Depos­i­tory UK Thoughts: “The Instructions” by Adam Levin was a hard book to read and to get into, not due to its length but due to the difficulty of getting into the mind of a brilliant ten year old. However, once I got around that hurdle I found that not only did I enjoy reading the book, but I enjoyed even more thinking about it afterwards. If I had to pinpoint the one thing which I found enjoyable is the great care Mr. Levin took in picking his symbols, words and their meanings. For example: the name of the protagonist Gurion Ben-Judah Maccabee. Gurion is a lion’s cub, a lion which is the symbol of the tribe of Judah (Judah being Gurion’s father) and Maccabee, a famed family who reasserted the Jewish religion as the Seleucid Empire….

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