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Book Review: Schoolhouse Burning by Derek W. Black

In Schoolhouse Burning: Public Education and the Assault on American Democracy by Derek W. Black, a professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law, provides context for the ongoing debate about public education, vouchers, charter schools, and more.

Book Review: The British are Coming by Rick Atkinson

About: The British are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775 – 1777 by Rick Atkinson is a history book, first of a trilogy, which describes the first 21 months of the American Revolutionary War. Mr. Atkinson is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and historian. 800 pages Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. Language: English […]

Book Review: Americans at War by Stephen Ambrose

This is not a comprehensive book, and it is not meant to be one. It’s a quick primer for those interested in the subject and would give one a sense of what they would like to read next.

Book Review: Thomas Paine and the Promise of America by Harvey J. Kaye

Thomas Paine’s work influenced many radicals during, and after, his lifetime. These radicals called for such extreme change such as ending slavery, women’s equality, fair wages and so on.

Book Review: Polk: The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America by Walter R. Borneman

An excellent biography of a President who was probably the most influential person to hold office between Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln

Book Review: The Indifferent Stars Above by Daniel James Brown

A non-fiction book telling the harrowing story of the folks being stuck on top of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in one of the coldest winters recorded.

Book Review: Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy War by Karen Abbott

Ms. Abbott manages to tell four different stories, switching marvelously between them while keep distance and judgment.

Book Review: Reagan by H.W. Brands

The book follows Reagan from his youth, his Hollywood career, his presidency (which gets the lion share of the book of course) and to his death.

Book Review: The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower

As a fan of history, I really enjoy the small, intimate stories which give a most excellent background to world events, and this book is filled with them. It was wonderful to read about the friendship, intimacy, companionship and service the staff provides the families who are on a world stage and sometimes can feel lonely and battered.

Book Review: The Shoemaker and the Tea Party by Alfred Fabian Young

The book is actually two well written essays. The first essay is a fascinating look at Colonial America and the life of an 18th Century regular people without the wealth and genealogy of many of our Founding Fathers. The second part is more of a scholarly essay about uses and methods of history.

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