Self Published Success Story

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Amanda Hock­ing (blog | Ama­zon Page) is from Min­nesota, she is 26, self pub­lished and … sold 900,000 copies of her books (and no, she doesn't have a real­ity TV show).

While I usu­ally don’t read the para­nor­mal genre I have to admire what Ms. Hock­ing has achieved and, what I believe to be, a big trend which I hope will con­tinue. That trend is that us, book con­sumers, will decide who will be the next best seller, not some mar­ket­ing guru sit­ting in an ivory tower high above Times Square nego­ti­a­tion for shelf space in a book store.

Is tra­di­tional pub­lish­ing dead?
Not by a long shot but the way busi­ness is done cer­tainly has to be looked at (hint: pric­ing eBooks the same as print books is not the way to go).  Ms. Hocking's books sell any­where from $0.99 to $3 and her fans hap­pily buy more and more.  She isn't try­ing to com­pete with the big guys who can alien­ate more read­ers, quite the oppo­site — Ms. Hock­ing sells the prod­ucts her cus­tomers want to buy.
Inno­v­a­tive? Maybe for those exec­u­tives who want cus­tomers to buy what they sell them.

While Ms. Hocking’s story cer­tainly is the excep­tion, not the rule, I cer­tainly think it’s wor­thy of atten­tion – even from some mid­dle aged, bor­ing, bald guy from New Jersey.


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