Taste Test

In order for any reviewer to be relevant, you must first find out if you and the reviewer share the same taste, otherwise every review, no matter how profound, is meaningless to you.

I like to read, always have and probably always will.  My taste ranges wildly from biographies to fiction, from young adult to hard core history books.

Here is a list of books of different genre I ranked from 1(hated it) to 5 (couldn’t put it down) – if you agree with these rankings, or close to them, you’d probably find my reviews helpful.

Don Quixote (Fiction) – 5
John Adams (Biography)  – 5
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Fiction) – 4
His Excellency: George Washington (biography) – 4
American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson (History) – 3
Little Bee (Fiction) – 3
Eat, Pray, Love (Memoir) – 1

Hopefully I won’t have many more books to add in the 1 (hated it) and 2 (didn’t like it) categories.
The rating represents how I enjoyed the book and nothing else, I also rate each book independently and consider the genre and how the book is marketed (my expectations).
For example, if I pick up a book thinking it is “historical fiction” and it turns out to be a fictional story set in the past I probablly won’t rate it as high as if it was simply marketed to me as “romance” (in which case I probably won’t have read it in the first place).

If you don’t agree about a review, leave a comment about why you disagree, maybe I missed something or maybe we just don’t share the same taste and can have a nice discussion.