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Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 27 December, 2014

Favorite tweets from the past week.

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 27 September, 2014

I’ll be going on a trip next week so I won’t get to update my blog. Feel free to email me or leave a comment, but I most likely wont’ get around to answer them until next week. This was also a slow week on social media, my kids and I were sick, I even […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 9 August, 2014

RT @elizabethscraig: Are your critiques as helpful as they could be? @jenmalonewrites Did Comics Take Back Comic-Con? via @publisherswkly RT @thecreativepenn: Self-Publishing and Author-Agent Agreements: The Need for Change via @PassiveVoiceBlg If You Like ‘Downton Abbey’ You’ll LOVE These Books via @HuffPostBooks Edinburgh International Book Festival: the other half of spouses’ […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 5 July, 2014

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 13 October, 2013 #BookReview Trolling’s Pass and… Genre Kryptonite: WWI Literature (Centenary Edition) » BOOK… via @BookRiot 5 Books To Watch For In July » BOOK… via @BookRiot Guest Review: X-wing: Rogue Squadron (Star Wars) by Michael #BookReview Can We Have These Gorgeous Book-Inspired Benches?… The Five Laws of Library […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 31 May, 2014

Image from Twitter Prices Its Initial Offering at $26 Per Share Book Review: Broken Angel by S.W. #BookReview Book Review: The Plot Against America by Philip Roth #BookReview i-Movie & Book… Blah, Blah, Blah Book Review: The Gendarme by Mark T. Mustian #BookReview 6 Steps to a Professional Amazon Author Page…via @MarcyKennedy 10 Great Quotations from G. […]

Twitter Update for Week Ending 1 March, 2014

I’m finding less and less time to read from some reason. A lot of it is pressures at work and in my personal life, so I’m mentaly tired, some of it are the books I’m choosing (either difficult to read or simply not grabbing me), but as I said, much of it is just mental […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 14 December, 2013

A hard day for me today! Comfort reads: Kim by Rudyard via @guardian Via @nprbooks: Don’t Hate The Players, Learn The Rules Of The Game (Theory) Guest Review: Star Wars: The Last Command by Timothy Zahn Drunk Literature: 50 Shades of Grey – Season 1 Episode 6: via @YouTube Inbox/Outbox: December 13,… via @RebeccaSchinsky Via @nprnews: […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 9, November, 2013

Some of my favorite tweets for this week

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 2 November, 2013

Most excellent Halloween has ended, both my kids were dressed up (a pink skeleton with a dress and Darth Vader) even though this is the first time in many years that I did not. There is always next year. At school they had a Storybook Parade, in which every costume had to have a book […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 5 October, 2013

Congress has shut down the government. Almost a million people are staying home, parks are closed, national monuments, the nation is wasting money (a shutdown costs money) and Congress is… drinking on the job! I might be one of the few who watch CSPAN, but the display on the floor of Congress was an embarrassing […]

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