Man of Steel Books and Artwork

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The Man of Steel Fan Page on Facebook has some cool pictures of new official merchandise. The books caught my eyes of course not only because I’m a known bibliophile, but also because they give cool hints about the costume and the movie. Frankly, while I do think that elimination the red outerwear in the movie looks good, it does not translate into comic pictures.


Man of Steel: Reusable Sticker Book – Purchase Here


Man of Steel: Superman Saves Smallville – Purchase Here


Man of Steel: Friends and Foes (I Can Read Book 2) – Purchase Here 541425_536186583093215_531343381_n

Man of Steel: Superman’s Superpowers (I Can Read Book 2) – Purchase Here 549340_536185759759964_1615928193_n

Man of Steel: The Fate of Krypton – Purchase Here 482318_536185669759973_1286062486_n

Man of Steel: The Early Years: Junior Novel – Purchase Here

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