When Book Bloggers Disagree

I’ve now had my book blog for several years and noticed several disturbing trends in the book blogsphere but the most disturbing one is the implication that if someone doesn’t agree with your opinion and dares to make it known on your blog/Goodreads/Amazon, then the original poster takes it as a personal insult.


That, to me, is ridiculous and defeats the point of a book blog, which one of its main reasons for existence is discussion.

It happens to me on occasion, not often but it does. What I find especially hilarious is that the other commentators (if there are any) rally to the “rescue” of the blogger, as if I’m trying to hammer in my opinion instead of starting a discussion. I get a special chuckle out of the posts which point out how “brave” the blogger was for publishing his/hers opinion.

So let’s get a few things straight:

–          When someone disagrees with you it is not a personal insult

–          Sometimes you have to read in between the lines to figure out what the commenter meant to say

–          When reading on the web, the tone of voice does not carry through

When you publish something publicly, you basically are for commentary so don’t be surprised to get one. We all love to get comments on our blogs and if someone doesn’t agree 100% with your view… that’s OK, it really is. Those comments do not mean to disparage your prove you wrong and you should be able to defend your opinion.

I see many bloggers get up in arms, and justifiably so, when an author goes ape-shit because of a bad review, but here we are finding that we are just as petty/sensitive  as those we write about.

You want a blog – get a backbone and stop getting insulted. When people disagree is when life starts getting interesting.

Zohar – Man of la Book

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