Handmade Disney Autograph Books

As many people are lovers of books I thought they might appreciate this.

I dabble in woodworking, mostly making toys for the kids, boxes, shelves and other not-so-complex stuff. I find woodworking very relaxing, it helps me gather my thoughts, calm down and it’s time away from a “screen” (TV, computer monitor, cell phone).

In 2009 we took our kids to Disney. We wanted to take our daughter (4.5) there before the magic disappears.

I made them autograph books made of wood and it occurred to me that many bibliophiles might appreciate it.

Cover for Both Books

Back Cover For Our Daughter
Back Cover For Our Son

Sample Interior Pages –
I was going for a “rough” look, something similar to prelims in animation or sketches in comic book art.

is is just a joke of our daughter’s misunderstanding of the lyrics
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