Guest Review: Ghostman by Roger Hobbs

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For an inter­est­ing book that can suck you in, "Ghost­man" by Roger Hobbs can eas­ily eat any avail­able time you may have. If you like crime sto­ries, this novel involves the clas­sic casino heist with an added twist. The heist doesn't really go as planned and a man sim­ply known as 'Jack' is called upon to help. It's a fun novel that has every­thing you could want in a crime story, and Roger Hobbs deliv­ers a well writ­ten and hard to put down book.

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1. Flash­backs — The book is writ­ten using a style of flash­back that is easy to fol­low. These glimpses of the past hap­pen five years prior to the cur­rent events of the novel and could stand apart from the book itself. Many times, authors try to engage the reader with char­ac­ter build­ing flash­backs that usu­ally end up con­fus­ing them. That con­fu­sion is sim­ply not present in "Ghostman."

2. Unique Char­ac­ter­i­za­tion — The char­ac­ter of 'Jack' is devel­oped very well and is easy to visu­al­ize. Being a mas­ter of dis­guises, 'Jack' can change his appear­ance to become vir­tu­ally any­one he wishes. Roger Hobbs has done a mas­ter­ful job at detail­ing these abil­i­ties and more through­out the build­ing of this mas­ter crim­i­nal. With enough of a back-story as to not drown out the main plot, the devel­op­ment of 'Jack' is noth­ing short of inspiring.

3. Sequel Wor­thy — There are many books on the mar­ket where authors have already planned on mak­ing addi­tional vol­umes. If Roger Hobbs hadn't decided to make a sequel to this epic crim­i­nal tale, he should. It's one of those nov­els that you begin to feel anx­i­ety as you watch the pages get thin­ner towards the end. Once the book is fin­ished, you wish it wouldn't have. You will hope that Hobbs will con­tinue with this tale.

When it comes to entranc­ing crim­i­nal sto­ries, "Ghost­man" takes a whole new approach and has a unique twist that read­ers don't pre­pare for. It's dual-timeline feel and well devel­oped char­ac­ters make you wish that the book would con­tinue when it's over. For those who love tales of crime, this book would make an excel­lent present.

Buy this book in paper or in elec­tronic format*

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