Guest Post: Create a Great Leadership Team Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Ven­tur­ing away from books a bit, Tripp Braden (web­site | @TrippBraden) has writ­ten a post on his expe­ri­ences with early civil rights lead­ers when attend­ing col­lege. As a lover of his­tory I found this piece inter­est­ing and enlight­ning and would like to share it with you (yes, you!) on this day.

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Dr. King Jr. embraced a team approach to leadership.

What made Dr. Mar­tin Luther King Jr. such a pow­er­ful serv­ing leader? Can we use the same prin­ci­ples he used to help impact our world today? Dur­ing the 1980’s, I was given an oppor­tu­nity to inter­view his wife and sev­eral of his clos­est asso­ciates about what they felt about the civil rights move­ment and what made Dr. King effec­tive as a man and as a leader.

I met with sev­eral peo­ple in Dr. King’s inner cir­cle. They included Coretta Scott King, Andrew Young, Ralph David Aber­nathy Sr., Jesse Jack­son, and James Mered­ith. Each had a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive on Dr. King but I believe each can help us bet­ter under­stand the man who changed our world so much.

The first thing you notice about all the peo­ple around Dr. King was that they all were lead­ers in their own right, any one of them could have stood on their own as a leader of the cause. They were all coura­geous and pos­sessed a con­fi­dence about their unique con­tri­bu­tion to the big­ger cause. They knew their strengths and were very con­fi­dent in what they believed about the direc­tion the coun­try was going. Serv­ing lead­ers build strong lead­er­ship teams. They sur­round them­selves with the best peo­ple avail­able, not peo­ple who always say yes.

I met Coretta Scott King first and she set the tone for the sac­ri­fices Dr. King had made for his cause. She took on the man­tle after his death but also played a crit­i­cal role dur­ing the most chal­leng­ing parts of his life. She was a very inde­pen­dent per­son and very effec­tive at giv­ing Dr. King the ground­ing all serv­ing lead­ers must have. She pro­vided sup­port and pro­tec­tion dur­ing the civil rights movement’s most crit­i­cal times. She took care of issues of fam­ily and church while her hus­band was away. Serv­ing lead­ers need good strong part­ners if they hope to chal­lenge the world’s biases.

Andrew Young pro­vided Dr. King with the polit­i­cal and legal skills required to keep the move­ment going. Not such an easy task when you’re chal­leng­ing society’s val­ues. He rose to become the US Ambas­sador to the United Nations where he con­tin­ued using his hard earned nego­ti­at­ing skills to get things done on global basis. He also shared a side of Dr. King that is sel­dom thought of, which was Dr. King’s sense of humor. I also think Andrew Young helped Dr. King remain con­nected to the man that was loved by all in his inner cir­cle. Andrew Young help Dr. King share his sense of humor. Serv­ing lead­ers pos­sess a great sense of humor.

Ralph Aber­nathy Sr. pro­vided Dr. King with a trusted con­fi­dent dur­ing the chal­leng­ing times when he needed one. He pos­sessed a longer view on the move­ment and Dr. King saw him as a per­son who could help keep his dream alive. He was a solid advi­sor who could keep things mov­ing when Dr. King was in jail. I think it’s hard for most peo­ple to real­ize how dif­fi­cult these times were. Today’s serv­ing lead­ers may be incar­cer­ated for 24 hours or less. Dr. King spent sev­eral weeks in jail with lim­ited sup­port to make his point. The hard­ships and attacks were not only from the peo­ple he opposed but peo­ple in his own move­ment that felt his strat­egy of non-violence would not work. Serv­ing lead­ers need peo­ple who sup­port their causes, but are not afraid to chal­lenge them when needed.

Jesse Jack­son pro­vided Dr. King with some­one who was as pas­sion­ate and inspired as he was about the poten­tial of the civil rights move­ment. He needed a man who could inspire oth­ers with their shared mes­sage of equal­ity and lib­erty for all in our soci­ety. Jesse Jack­son also extended Dr. King’s coali­tion to include a wider range of peo­ple in our soci­ety. He has reached beyond our Amer­i­can bor­ders to influ­ence global events with his pas­sion and charisma. Serv­ing lead­ers need peo­ple who can build and expand on the foun­da­tions cre­ated by the move­ments’ founders.

The final per­son in Dr. King’s inner cir­cle I met was James Mered­ith. He spent the least amount of time with Dr. King but had a last­ing impact on the move­ment. He was a peace­ful war­rior who made the deci­sion to push the US gov­ern­ment to get his rights granted. He had been shot and sur­vived. He was the only Repub­li­can in this group. He under­stood that polit­i­cal power could increase the speed of change in our coun­try. He believed edu­ca­tion was a right that every cit­i­zen should have access to. He was the first black stu­dent at the Uni­ver­sity of Mis­sis­sippi dur­ing the six­ties. The Kennedy admin­is­tra­tion had to have US Mar­shalls pro­tect him dur­ing the ini­tial days of attend­ing the school. Serv­ing lead­ers believe advanced edu­ca­tion is crit­i­cal to sus­tain­ing a move­ment over gen­er­a­tions and chang­ing cur­rent culture.

These sev­eral peo­ple changed the way I saw the world when I was in col­lege. Each chal­lenged me to become more involved in my com­mu­nity. They forced me to look at the injus­tice in the world and to under­stand that if you are given great strengths and oppor­tu­ni­ties you must be will­ing to use them to make a dif­fer­ence in the world. Serv­ing lead­ers strive to make a dif­fer­ence in the world and are thank­ful to ear­lier gen­er­a­tions who helped build a bridge to the future for them­selves and their children.

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