Guest Post: 4 Books That Will Change Your Life

Words can be powerful. Most readers will know from experience that certain books and their ideas and philosophies have the ability to affect how you see the world. We have collected a handful of books that, regardless of time, age or setting, have a message that will impact your life for the better.

  1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Consistently described as inspiring, The Alchemist is an international best-selling book for a reason. It follows the journey of a young shepherd boy as he fulfils his destiny by listening to the signs and omens provided by the universe. Coelho tells the story simply, laying out life lessons and advice in a beautifully transparent way. Unlike other books that promise to ‘change your life’, The Alchemist is refreshingly, accessible as it’s profound messages are delivered in a short, entertaining and easily read novel.  Readers will be taken from the Andalusian countryside to exotic locations across the world, learning alongside the protagonist the importance of listening to your heart and following your dreams. The novel and ideas inside it may be the source of inspiration that pushes you to start chasing your destiny.

‘It’s the sort of book that is best read at one of life’s crossroads. If read at the right time, The Alchemist and its lessons will stay with you forever’ says Jamie Diswell book reviewer at Writinity and LastMinuteWriting.


  1. Down and Out in Paris and London – George Orwell

Orwell achieved fame and notoriety with his most famous books: the dystopian 1984 and the metaphorical Animal Farm. However, Orwell’s literary journey began as a memoir with his first published novel, Down and Out in Paris and London, retelling his experiences of poverty within the two cities after his savings were suddenly lost.  Coming from a journalism background, Orwell brutally exposes the struggles of the less wealthy within the two of the richest cities at the time from a first-hand perspective. His honest and matter of fact descriptions make for a shocking yet entertaining read. Readers will come to understand what poverty means both in the 1920s and since. The perspectives and situations Orwell describe are as pertinent as they were when published as thousands of people from all countries across the globe are still locked in a cycle of poverty.


  1. The Outsiders – S.E. Hinton

This coming of age novel is an exploration of class division from the perspective of children living through it. The author, S.E. Hinton, completed her most work at only 16 years of age which is perhaps why the teenage characters and their experiences and emotions feel so brutally real. Hinton perfectly captures the loneliness and confusion of adolescence as teens face the growth into adulthood and pre-existing social structures that they are powerless to change. Although published in 1967, the themes it addresses feel fresh and relevant in modern society. The premise of the book is the rivalry between two main gangs separated by wealth and class in 1960s America. The protagonist, known to us as Ponyboy Curtis, is a 14-year-old introverted kid who takes a spot in the ‘Greasers’ gang accompanied with his two brothers and other lower-class neighbourhood children. As his life unfolds, readers will be struck by the soul that shines from every page of the novel while gaining unique perspective into victims of class disparity.


  1. Thinking fast and slow – Daniel Kahneman

If there’s a book you won’t be able to stop recommending, it will be this one. Kahneman is a Nobel Prize winning Psychologist who outlines in his book how the decisions we make are overwhelmingly influenced by subconscious factors as well as our own laziness. The wisdom he imparts will change the perception of our own mind and how we see the world. He describes how human beings are vulnerable to flaws, while gladly making decisions that go against our best interests. Kahneman’s book offers a type of meta-thinking; a way to analyse our own decision-making process in order to make better decisions that benefit us both in our personal lives and as a society.

‘Kahneman’s ground-breaking book gives us life changing insight into when and if we can trust our intuition.’ Says Nellie Arteman lifestyle blogger at Draftbeyond and Researchpapersuk.


Ashley Halsey is a professional writer working with projects across the country whose work can be found at Luckyassignments and Gumessays. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys traveling, reading and attending business training courses as well as being a loving mother of two wonderful children.

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