Graphic Novel Review: The Jewish Brigade #1 by Marvano

The Jewish Brigade #1 by Marvano is a European comic book taking place during World War II. Marvano is a comic book artist from Belgium.

  • 50 pages
  • Publisher: Europe Comics
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B01GU4BLT8

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The Jewish Brigade #1 by Marvano is the first of a three part series taking place in 1945. The soldiers are part of an English brigade formed in 1944. The British thought that Jews had a right to fight the evils the Nazis have inflicted on them.

The story the author tells is harsh, even with the drawings and bright colors. The two protagonists despense justice with a bullet, the Jews might not be in death camps, but their survival is not guaranteed. A continent full of Russian forces who are danger to the local populace as any occupying force can be, and even to allied soldiers.

What makes the violence in the story so poignant is that most of it happens in the background. Using indirect clues through text and pictures, the author illustrates the horrors staying away from gory pictures which might cheapen the horror real people faced.

The comic strikes a fine balance between the wonderful art and the balance between prose and art is one of the best I’ve seen to date. This is a very interesting graphic novel about a period which is sometimes glossed over and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

Ari and Leslie, two soldiers in the Jewish Brigade, are riding on a jeep through Italy looking for survivors and hunting Nazis, dispensing justice on the spot. The two soldiers discover that the plight of the Jewish people was not over when the Nazis were soundly beaten, but have shifted inland.  Europe was still dangerous to the Jews.

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