Thoughts on: Absolute Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross

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King­dom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross was a four issue comic book mini-series pub­lished in 1996. The absolute edi­tion comes with qual­ity print­ing, hard­cover, slip­case and addi­tional mate­r­ial.

  • 340 pages
  • Pub­lisher: DC Comics
  • ISBN: 1401207685



Absolute Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross
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Pur­chase Absolute King­dom Come from Ama­zon
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King­dom Come by Mark Waid (web­site) and Alex Ross (web­site) was the mega comic book event of the 1990’s.
The story is com­plex and has mul­ti­ple lay­ers upon lay­ers opened to inter­pre­ta­tion by the reader. The art­work is breath­tak­ing, which shows almost every DC char­ac­ter that has existed before 1990, the gauche paint­ings could be looked at for hours. They are, in fact, so com­plex that a sep­a­rate guide of char­ac­ters had to be created.

The authors of this book wrote an mul­ti­ple lay­ered story exam­in­ing pol­i­tics, ideals, suc­cess and fail­ures while the bat­tle between the old and the new guard takes place. The heroes need to enforce peace, yet embrace vio­lence to do so What limit does one put upon one­self when fight­ing in the name of peace.

The art­work, as men­tioned before, is absolutely amaz­ing. Alex Ross’ char­ac­ters jump from the page and his style of photo real­ism works amaz­ingly well in a uni­verse where every­one is dressed in tights.

Exam­in­ing Com­mu­nism, police states in broad strokes this book asks many ques­tions which are con­tem­plated but left unan­swered. Through Nor­man McCay, a human, the reader expe­ri­ences the story as an all-seeing spirit with a touch of phi­los­o­phy, sophis­ti­ca­tion and intel­li­gence. King­dom Come is one of the most impor­tant series in the DC uni­verse, to which the affects can still be felt to this day.


Promotional art for Kingdom Come. Clockwise fr...

Pro­mo­tional art for King­dom Come. Clock­wise from top: The Ray, Red Robin, Super­man, Won­der Woman, Hawk­man, Power Woman, Rev. Nor­man McCay, the Spec­tre (in back­ground), Green Lantern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The story takes place in the future, the Joker, on his last mur­der­ous ram­page, mas­sa­cred the staff of the Daily Planet (includ­ing Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson and Perry White) and was killed by a new super­hero named Magog. But Magog has noth­ing to worry about, he was acquit­ted by the jury in the cold blooded mur­der he com­mit­ted. The appalled Super­man retreats into his Fortress of Soli­tude fail­ing to real­ize his impor­tance as a con­stant inspi­ra­tion to the world and its heroes.

The nar­ra­tor of the story is preacher Nor­man McCay who is suf­fer­ing from a cri­sis of faith. McCay is also good friends with Wes­ley Dodds, the orig­i­nal Sand­man and the night­mares which aided Dodds fight­ing crime are trans­ferred to McCay who is con­vinced he is going insane. How­ever, McCay meets the Spec­tre who recruits McCay to bear wit­ness to the upcom­ing apoc­a­lypse.

Superman and Captain Marvel face off in the fi... Super­man is coaxed back into action by Won­der Woman, a decade after he retreated. He enters a world where supervil­lians no longer exist and super­heroes fight among them­selves with­out any regard to the mor­tals around them. Super­man also dis­cov­ers that in one of the bat­tles, the heroes where attack­ing Par­a­site who pan­icked and tore apart Cap­tain Atom, destroy­ing the state of Kansas.


Super­man tries to reform the Jus­tice League. Bat­man, who believes Super­man ideals are out­dated, forms his own group of non super pow­ered heroes. All the while, Lex Luthor orga­nized his own “Mankind Lib­er­a­tion Front”. While Superman’s Jus­tice League are busy gath­er­ing cap­tives in a jail called “The Gulag”, Bat­man enters into a pack with the MLF until he learns of Luther’s plans to gain con­trols of the world by hav­ing Cap­tain Mar­vel kill Super­man. The only super­hero capa­ble of such feat.

From this point thing esca­late quickly, The Gulag is bro­ken, Super­man and Cap­tain Mar­vel bat­tle it out and the UN sends out nuclear mis­siles. I won’t spoil the ending…


Pur­chase Absolute King­dom Come from Ama­zon
through the Man of la Book Affil­i­ate Account

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