Graphic Novel Review: Batman: White Knight by Sean Murphy

Batman: White Knight by Sean Murphy is a graphic novel which follows Jack Napier, The Joker, as he sets out on a new crusade. Mr. Murphy is a comic book creator who worked on some major titles, along with smaller publications.

  • 232 pages
  • Publisher: DC Black Label
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9781401279592

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My rat­ing for Batman: White Knight — 5
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There are a lot of stories which feature Batman and The Joker, their relationship which relies on one another. A hero which doesn’t want to kill the one person which probably “needs killin’” as they said in the Old West, and a villain that just “wants to see the world burns”.
Batman: White Knight by Sean Murphy is another one of those stories – and it’s a good one.

Along with exploring the complex relationship of Batman and The Joker, Mr. Murphy asks many good questions in this graphic novel. The big losers, it seems, are the citizens of Gotham City, but we have no idea who benefits from the long term fight between the hero and the villain.

In this graphic novel, The Joker rebrand himself as the White Knight of Gotham, the man who will shine a light on all the corruption which is dragging down the city to benefit the few. The question one has to ask themselves is if he is truly Jack Napier, or is he The Joker in a mask.

The story has a lot of depth, and the artwork is excellent fitting the mood of the narrative.  The writer tests the relationship between Batman and his city creating a real conflict which is engrossing and engaging.

Jack Napier, The Joker, reconciles with Harley Quinn which forgives all his insane indiscretions, to carefully plot a campaign to discredit Batman. Along the way he exposes the corruption within the Gotham City Police Department, which has been entrenched for decades, and emerges a savior of the city.

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