Book Spotlight: A Wife for Stephen by Valcine Brown

A Wife for Stephen

Genre: Christian Romance

Publisher: LaChrisAnd Production

Release Date: June 25, 2013

Available or purchase via:  Create Space – e-book or paperback

Website – copies purchased from Valcine’s  website will be signed before being shipped.

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Do you believe that when you meet your future spouse that you will know it, instantly? Stephen does. He can’t explain it but he has always known that when he meets his intended bride that he will be able to proceed with confidence. What he hadn’t counted on is that his intended bride might not have the same revelation.
Will his faith and belief in love win Celeste over?
Will she even give him the time of day?
After Celeste’s initial rebuff of Stephen’s attempt to get to know her, he’s not so sure. “Faith like a mustard seed,” Stephen reminds himself.

Celeste had never given consideration to happily ever after or eternal love. Outside of the love she experiences from her Heavenly Father, she gives love no second thoughts. When smooth, suave, and handsome Stephen enters into Celeste’s life, without batting an eyelash or giving him a second thought, Celeste dismisses him as a philandering womanizer and refuses to be the next notch in his bedpost.
Is Celeste wrong?
Has she completely misjudged Stephen?
Even worst, has she allowed her parent’s divorce to askew her psychology of relationships?
Will Stephen get the girl?
Will Celeste run faster than Stephen can chase?

Will there be A Wife for Stephen?



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