Fun Facts Friday: T.F. Powys

T.F. Powys ((20 December, 1875 – 27 November, 1953) was a British writer and novelist. His novel, Mr. Weston’s Good Wine is probably his most famous story.

Books by T.F. Powys*
Books by T.F. Powys*

  1. Born as Theodore Francis Powys in Shirley, Derbyshire as one of 11 siblings. His father was the vicar of Montacute.
  2. Talent seemed to be in the family. Among  Mr. Powys siblings are John Cowper Powys (novelist), Llewelyn Powys (essayist and novelist) Philippa Powys (poet and novelist), Marian Powys (authority on lace, and author of a book about lace making), Gertrude Powys (painter), and A. R. Powys (publisher of several architectural books).
  3. Mr. Powys, a sensitive child, was not happy in school and left at age 15 to apprentice on a farm.
  4. In 1905 Mr. Powys married Violet Dodd. The couple had two sons and an adopted daughter.
  5. From 1904 to 1940 he lived in East Chaldon, Dorset which inspired the characters and surroundings many of his fictional stories.
  6. His first work, The Soliloquy of a Hermit, is a non-fiction book. The work is only 143, without chapters or sections. Each paragraph can be read independently, which showed the author as an unorthodox thinker.
  7. Mr. Weston’s Good Wine is considered his best work, a meditation on the purpose and nature of G-d.
  8. During the Spanish Civil War Mr. Powys supported the Republican side.
  9. Some of the influences on Mr. Powys were the Bible, Thomas Hardy, Jonathan Swift, as well as Freud and Nietzsche.
  10. Mr. Powys called pessimism “the best and most enduring wear from cover to cover”, and that death is “G-d’s best gift”.

Books by T.F. Powys*

Zohar – Man of la Book
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