Fun Facts Friday: Manuel Puig

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Today is the birth­day of Argen­tine author Manuel Puig who was born in a small vil­lage in 1932 (d: 22 July, 1990)

 Fun Facts Friday Manuel Puig

Books by Manuel Puig


1 ) Puig loved Amer­i­can pop-culture.

2 ) After grad­u­at­ing from the Uni­ver­sity of Buenos Aires, Puig wanted to become a screenwriter

3 ) Puig became a nov­el­ist once he re-wrote his failed screen­play into a novel.

4 ) That same book, Betrayed by Rita Hay­worth, shocked the argen­tine estab­lish­ment and was burned in Puig’s home­town of Gen­eral Villegas.

5 ) Puig took on the pop­u­lar Argen­tine ser­ial nov­els with his next book Heart­break Tango.

6 ) Puig, a gay man, was sent to prison for solic­it­ing an under­cover police offi­cer. After his release, Puig went into a self-imposed exile.

7) Today Argen­tinean lit­er­a­ture stu­dents learn that Puig belongs to the belongs to the Post­boom and Post-modernist schools.

8 ) His book Kiss of the Spi­der Woman (El beso de la mujer araña) was made into a movie by the Argentine-Brazilian direc­tor, Héc­tor Babenco star­ring William Hurt and Raul Julia. The book was a Broad­way musi­cal as well.

9 ) In the movie Verde Trop­i­cal Ruig is played by Fabio Aste.

10) Ruig died in a Mex­ico City hos­pi­tal suf­fer­ing a heart attack after a gall­blad­der surgery.

Books by Manuel Puig

Zohar — Man of la Book

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