Fun Facts Friday: Lady Augusta Gregory

Lady Augusta Gregory (15 March, 1852 – 22 May, 1932) was a folklorist, drama writer and theater manager from Ireland.

Books by Lady Gregory*
Books by Lady Gregory*

  1. She was born as Isabella Augusta Persse in Roxborough, County Gallway.
  2. Her husband, Sire William Henry Gregory, was a neighbor who had served as a member of Parliament and governor of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).
  3. Lady Gregory only began her literary career after her husband’s death.
  4. The couple’s only son, Robert Gregory (born in 1881) was killed in World War I serving as a pilot.
  5. She was a lifelong friend of poet William Butler Yeats.
  6. Robert Gregory’s death inspired the poem “An Irish Airman Foresees His Death”, by Yeats.
  7. Lady Gregory traveled to Egypt, Italy, Spain Ceylon and India.
  8. In 1899 Lady Gregory, along with Edward Martyn (a neighbor) founded the Irish Literary Theater.
  9. Lady Gregory stayed in the theater as an active director until retiring in 1928 due to ill health.
  10. George Bernard Shaw once described Lady Gregory as “the greatest living Irishwoman”.

Books by Lady Gregory*

Zohar – Man of la Book
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