Fun Facts Friday: Jonas Lie

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Jonas Lau­ritz Ide­mil Lie (6 Novem­ber, 1833 – 5 June, 1908) is con­sid­ered to be one of the Four Greats of Nor­we­gian lit­er­a­ture of the 19th Cen­tury. Mr Lie was a fairy tale writer, a poet, nov­el­ist, jour­nal­ist and a lawyer as well.

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  1. Lie’s father was a the sher­iff of Tromsø, a remote region within the Arc­tic Cir­cle. That harsh, remote envi­ron­ment was where Lie spent his child­hood. Dur­ing that time the young boy head fan­tas­tic tales from Lapp traders, sailors, Rus­sians and Finns.
  2. Being an impres­sion­able young man, Lie dreamt of being a sailor as well, how­ever his poor eye­sight pre­vented him from enter­ing naval school.
  3. Two of Lie’s friends a the Uni­ver­sity of Chris­tiana were the notable Nor­we­gian play­wrights Hen­rik Ibsen and Bjørn­st­jerne Bjørn­son.
  4. Lie started prac­tic­ing law at the town of Kongsvinger, how­ever his clients were few and he began writ­ing for the news­pa­per. Becom­ing a fre­quent con­trib­u­tor, Lie honed his writ­ing skills dur­ing that time.
  5. Lie’s wife, Thoma­sine, was also his cousin. The cou­ple mar­ried in 1860.
  6. In 1866 Lie pub­lished an unsuc­cess­ful book of poems. In 1870 Lie pub­lished Den Frem­synte (The Vision­ary or Pic­tures From Nord­land), a story about the sea and super­sti­tions of the North. It is said that Thoma­sine col­lab­o­rated with her hus­band on this novel, as well as being his greated supporter.
  7. The Nor­we­gian Par­lia­ment granted Lie an artist salary in 1874.
  8. Now that he didn’t have to worry about money, Lie wanted to visit places who con­trast his child­hood scenery. Lie and his wife trav­eled to Nord­land, Finn­mark, Rome, North Ger­man, Bavaria, Paris and other Euro­pean countries.
  9. The other three writ­ers in the “Four Greats” are g Hen­rik Ibsen, Alexan­der Kiel­land and Björn­sterne Björnson.
  10. Thoma­sine and Jonas retired to Stav­ern, they named their house “Elisen­fryd”. There is still a por­trait of them etched on a tomb­stone at Stav­ern Chruch.

Books by Jonas Lie

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