Fun Facts Friday: John Hersey

June 17, 2016

John Hersey (17 June, 1914 – 24 March, 1993) was a prize winning American writer. Mr. Hersey is considered to be one of the earliest practitioners of New Journalism.

Books by John Hersey

Books by John Hersey

  1. His parents were Protestant missionaries, he was born in Tientsin, China.
  2. Mr. Hersey can trace his roots back to William Hersey (Hercy) who was one of the first settlers of Hingham, MA.
  3. The family came back to the New York when Mr. Hersey was ten years old.
  4. He played football at Yale University where one of his coaches was future President Gerald Ford. Mr. Hersey did his graduate work at the University of Cambridge.
  5. In 1937 Mr. Hersey got a summer job was as a private secretary / chauffer for Sinclair Lewis.
  6. Mr. Hersey wrote an essay on Time Magazine’s dismal quality, in the autumn of 1937 Time hired him.
  7. During World War II, Mr. Hersey covered the fighting in Europe and Asia for Time and Life magazines. He survived four airplane crashes and witnessed the invasion of Sicily.
  8. The Secretary of the Navy commanded Mr. Hersey for helping to evacuate wounded soldiers from Guadalcanal.
  9. Mr. Hersey’s account of the aftermath of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima is considered to be one of the best pieces of 20th Century American journalism (as judged by a panel of 36, associated with the New York University’s journalism department).
  10. Mr. Hersey won the Pulitzer Prize in 1945 for his novel A Bell for Adano, about the occupation of a Sicilian town by the Allies.

Books by John Hersey

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