Fun Facts Friday: Howard Lindsay

March 27, 2020

Howard Lindsay (29 March, 1889 – 11 February, 1968) was an American Pulitzer Prize award winner playwright, director and actor.

Books by Howard Lindsay*Books by Howard Lindsay*

  1.      Mr. Lindsay was born in Boston as Herman Nelke.
  2.      Before he started writing plays, Mr. Lindsay was an actor and even acted on Broadway.
  3.      His wife, Dorothy Stickney, was also an actress, she acted in movies, television and theatre.
  4.      The couple lived a longtime in Readington Township, NJ.
  5.      Mr. Lindsay collaborated with Russel Crouse writing plays. Together they were known as Lindsay and Crouse.
  6.      Lindsay and Crouse won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the play State of the Union (1946).
  7.      Frank Capra directed an adaptation of State of the Union in 1948.
  8.      Mr. Lindsey and his wife played the king and queen in a TV adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (1957).
  9.      Lindsay and Crouse also won the Tony for best musical for The Sound of Music.
  10.    They also wrote a book, appropriately called The Sound of Music .

Books by Howard Lindsay*

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