Fun Facts Friday: Horace Mann

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Horace Mann (4 May, 1796 – 2 August, 1859) was an American politician and author. Today Mr. Mann is remembered for promoting public education.

  1. Mann was born on a farm in Franklin, MA.
  2. Even though he went to school about six weeks during the school year, he made good use of the library and enrolled at Brown University at age 20. Mr. Mann graduated in three years as valedictorian.
  3. In 1827 Mr. Mann was elected to the Massachusetts legislature where he promoted public education.
  4. In 1830 Mr. Mann married the daughter of the president of Brown University, Charlotte Messer. Unfortunately she died two years later.
  5. Mann was appointed to the board of education of Massachusetts in 1837. This is where he promoted public education as a way to make “unruly American children into disciplined, judicious republicancitizens”.
  6. Even though he encountered much resistance from schoolmasters and religious institutions, his reforms to public education were adopted by other states.
  7. Mann is still known as “the father of American public education”.
  8. In 1848 Mr. Mann became a United States Senator from the Whig party, filling the seat of the departed John Quincy Adams.
  9. Mann became the president of Antioch College at Yellow Springs, OH in 1852. He held that position until his death.
  10. Mann’s statue is displayed in front of the Massachusetts State House, together with that of Daniel Webster.

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