Fun Facts Friday: A.A. Milne

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Today is the birth­day of British children’s author A.A. Milne (18 Jan­u­ary, 1882 – 31 Jan­u­ary, 1956). Most peo­ple know his most beloved cre­ation Win­nie the Pooh.

Fun Facts Friday A.A. Milne

  1. The A.A. stands for Alan Alexander
  2. Win­nie the Pooh and friends are based on stuffed ani­mals that belonged to Millen’s son – Christo­pher Robin. You can see the orig­i­nal toys at the New York Pub­lic Library.
  3. Winnie-the-Pooh was named after a Cana­dian black bear (Win­nipeg) that resided in the Lon­don Zoo and was used as a mil­i­tary mas­cot in World War I. “Pooh” was a swan.
  4. The toy which inspired the famous bear was pur­chased in Harrod’s in Lon­don and was called Edward Bear (as is only proper in England).
  5. Both Christo­pher and the fam­ily dog loved to play with the stuffed ani­mals. Eey­ore lost some stuff­ing over the years which caused his head to droop and gave him a melan­choly appearance.
  6. Hun­dred Acre Wood was inspired by Ash­down For­est in Sus­sex.
  7. Christo­pher Robin took box­ing classes to defend him­self against bul­lies at school who used to tease him about the pop­u­lar book series.
  8. As was cus­tom­ary at the time, Christo­pher Robin was brought up by a nanny and only met his par­ents in a for­mal man­ner three times a day.
    Nei­ther his par­ents nor the nanny ever read him a story!
  9. Winnie-the-Pooh books have been trans­lated to 29 lan­guages, mer­chan­dise can be found 40 coun­tries (more or less). Forbes ranked Winnie-the-Pooh as the sec­ond most valu­able char­ac­ter in global retail sales (Mickey Mouse was num­ber one).
  10. A.A. Milne also pub­lished 7 nov­els, 4 non-fiction books, 18 plays, 4 screen­plays, numer­ous poems and articles.

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