Book Review: Centuries of June by Keith Donohue

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“Cen­turies of June” by Keith Dono­hue is a fic­tional book where a man meet his past con­sorts. The book’s time­line is irrel­e­vant since it com­pro­mises of sev­eral unre­lated tales which all have a com­mon denominator.

  • 352 pages
  • Pub­lisher: Crown
  • ISBN-10: 0307450287

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My rat­ing for Cen­turies of June — 4

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“Cen­turies of June” by Keith Dono­hue (web­site) is not an easy book to describe or cat­e­go­rize. The whole book takes place in a bath­room where a man meets his scorned wives/lovers from past lives, all of whom were unlucky in life and they blame him – with good rea­son.
Imag­ine the horror.

I found the book imag­i­na­tive and funny, but I have a dark, sar­cas­tic sense of humor which, by the way, my beloved wife (may she live a long life) hates. Each wife tells a story which involves heartache, strug­gle, love and usu­ally some sort of death. The one thing each story has in com­mon is the nar­ra­tor who is lying dying on the bath­room floor with a hole in his head.

Since each wife tells a tale, the book moves between gen­res and times. Some of the sto­ries are fan­tasy, urban myth, mythol­ogy or a folk tale – yet all the sto­ries are enter­tain­ing and the char­ac­ters are vivid. The author sprin­kles humor around the macabre for good measure.

The book is pep­pered with ref­er­ences to other famous books – some­thing which this bib­lio­phile found amus­ing. It is a strange, uncon­ven­tional book, some­times funny, some­times sad, some­times con­fus­ing, and some­times just plain crazy.

Some­how it all works – don’t ask me how.

So tell me, what book have you read that “sim­ply works”?

A man wakes up to use the bath­room in the mid­dle of the night. Some­how he finds him­self lying on the floor with a gash­ing wound in his head. Another man appears which the man thinks might be his deceased father.

One by one sev­eral women appear try­ing to kill the nar­ra­tor and then sit and tell their life story. Yes, we’re still in the bathroom.

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