Book Review: Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson

About: Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson is a biography of the famed scientist. Einstein lived a tremendous life full of science, math, politics, religion and love; I admire Mr. Isaacson’s courage in tackling such a project. 704 pages Publisher: Simon & Schuster; First Edition edition Language: English ISBN-10: 0743264738 My rating for Einstein: His Life and Universe – 5 Buy this book in paper or in elec­tronic format*  More Books by Wal­ter Isaac­son Thoughts: I found Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson fascinating and interesting, yet a bit more of a difficult read than Mr. Isaacson’s biography of Benjamin Franklin. However, the author does a good job reconciling the physics genius with the rascally young ideologue and later with the icon we all think of when we hear the name “Einstein”. As in his other biographies, Isaacson brings forth wonderful little anecdotes through personal letters and stories which, I feel, let us separate the man from the myth and let us know what the man was truly like. The personal letters, quick wit and even tyrannical impulses let the reader understand this complex man as a man, not a pillar of the scientific community. Not only is the young Einstein a fascinating character, but…

Guest Post: Rhinestone Beads
Uncategorized / May 5, 2012

These gorgeous rhinestone beads are high quality and affordable for all to enjoy. One cannot easily tarnish them because of the material made to prevent that from occurring. They come in a variety of colors, such as purple, green, pink, blue, yellow and orange. Any creative person can make beautiful jewelry from it. For example, he or she can make necklaces or bracelets. All of them come with an elegant shine that makes them very appealing. An individual is likely to become very creative upon looking and analyzing the hole of the bead and ways to make it a success for themselves or for their business. With your design, a spark will occur because of the sophistication of the amazing product. Customers will come back flocking for more of these unique beads that one can get at beads barn. Organizations will continue to work together to keep producing them at an alarming wait. Anyone who purchases these beads will become astonished at the response that will happen from their clienteles. The demand of the product will rise, and so will the economic boost from increasing revenue too. Industries will continue to keep coming back for as many rhinestone beads as…

Guest Post on The Oliva Reader
Uncategorized / November 27, 2011

Spangle from The Oliva Reader has a wonderful feature called “Chapters In My Life” a weekly feature, where different authors and bloggers write about 5 books that have been influential or signify an era of their lives. When she asked me to participate I was only too happy to oblige. Here is my guest post – let me know what you think. Zohar =- Man of la Book

Guest Post: Marketing Books in the Social Media Age
Uncategorized / October 9, 2011

Marketing Books in the Social Media Age This is a guest post from James Norman, a writer for the content creation firm Article Writing Services. Advantages To Contemporary Marketing There are several challenges to today’s marketing scene that would seem to prohibit great success in publicizing books. A damaged economy translates into purses held more tightly and coffers that aren’t brimming at the edges. In short, it has become much harder to convince someone that their dollars are well spent on a particular item, including a book. In spite of this fact, this era of even more sophisticated technology provides for some assets to literary marketing. The biggest current web trend is social media; when used effectively, it can establish hype around a new title and get people excited about looking for it as soon as it’s available. Although new technology continues to be all the rage, there seems to be a return in favor of real human contact as well. Providing opportunities to associate a book with an actual flesh-and-blood person is a smart way to build interest in its release date.  How to Market Books Today The best ways to get the word out on books these days…

Update on: Classic Lit for Kids – Getting Started
Uncategorized / August 17, 2011

In April I wrote a post on Classic Lit for Kids – Getting Started which was well received (thank you all). I made a few updates to it based on more experience, so please take a look and don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you think or some more tips.   Zohar – Man of la Book

Book Blogger Appreciation Week!
Uncategorized / August 13, 2011

It is this time of the year again. Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2011 is coming up in a few weeks! The last day to nominate your favorite book blogs for BBAW (ahmm…)awards is August 13 – so if you have blogs you want to nominate (there are many categories), dot it without haste. You’ll need a Twitter or Google account to log in.     Related articles Book Blogger Appreciation Week Sept 12-16 ( Morning Meanderings… BBAW (Book Blogger Appreciation Week) ( Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2011 ( Morton Fox: Complaints Mount Over Google+ Account Deletions | PCWorld (

Seen at a Bookstore
Uncategorized / August 8, 2011

It has been a stressful month and will be a stressful month to come. My beloved wife, may she live a long life, let me have something unheard of in the annals of marriage with children – an hour to myself at the bookstore (while she went shopping). I had a very relaxing 90 minutes – as any parent knows, a gift from heaven. I spent it in Barnes and Noble with a cup of coffee and a cozy book while blissfully ignoring (and being ignored by) the “commoners”.   While there I saw this display which I got a kick out of. The display is accurate as one of the employees told me. Still…     Zohar – Man of la Book Related articles Bookstores ( Bookstores and Ebooks ( Bill Maxwell: Sadly closing the book on old friend ( Apple + Barnes & Nobles = Win? (

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