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Twitter Update for Week Ending 21 June, 2014

This week marked Bloomsday, a commemoration and celebration of the life of James Joyce, and Irish author, during which the events of his novel Ulysses are relived. The book is set on 16 June 1904). The observation is celebrated every year June in Ireland. The date is significant to Mr. Joyce because it was the date of his first outing with Nora Barnacle, who he later married.his wife-to-be. The name is derived from the protagonist of Ulysses , Leopold Bloom, .

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 7 June, 2014

My wife bought me a smoker, I tried to smoke my first piece of  chicken on Friday. Came out great, there are some improvments for next time, but even the kids had seconds. @Kiva Loan to Graphic Novel Review: All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder by Frank #BookReview Guest Post: If You Know the […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 31 May, 2014

Image from Twitter Prices Its Initial Offering at $26 Per Share Book Review: Broken Angel by S.W. #BookReview Book Review: The Plot Against America by Philip Roth #BookReview i-Movie & Book… Blah, Blah, Blah Book Review: The Gendarme by Mark T. Mustian #BookReview 6 Steps to a Professional Amazon Author Page…via @MarcyKennedy 10 Great Quotations from G. […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 17 May, 2014

Throwing my son a 7th birthday party celebration today at the local dairy farm. I cannot believe he’s already seven – and also a wonderful son. Sometimes a bit stubborn like his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and on down the line so you really can’t blame him. Giveaway & Guest Post: I Cannot Write a #BookReview […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 10 May, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day, just remember that it does’t matter what you read, as long as you read. Fun Facts Friday: Elmore #BookReview Guest Book Review: Damned by Chuck Palahniuk #BookReview Book Review: Swastika Nation by Arnie Bernstein Book Review: Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield #BookReview Book Review: The Faithful Spy by Alex Berenson #BookReview Book Review: The […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 3 Many, 2014

Guest Post: On Writing Unlikable #BookReview Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 22 December, 2012 McDonald’s teams up with Kobo to give away free digital books with Happy Meals | Marketing… ‘Atlas Shrugged’ No Longer Ranks Among Americans’ Top Ten Favorite Books via… Introducing The Riot Read » BOOK… via @BookRiot Fun Facts Friday: […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 19 April, 2014

Happy Easter to all!!! Image from Book Page Easter Thoughts on: Man At a Machine by Stef Wertheimer #BookReview Guest Review: Desperation by Stephen #BookReview Game of Thrones Episode Analysis: “The Lion and The Rose”… The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick $2… via @amazon Get Book Recommendations Using Yasiv’s Amazon Products Visualization… via @GalleyCat A […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 12 April, 2014

Today we start to celebrate Passover, the commemoration of the liberation of the Jewish slaves from Egypt as told in Exodus, a chapter of the Jewish bible. Passover is a great holiday because you get to see family you haven’t seen in a long time and eat some good food. In the Jewish religion, that […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 5 April, 2014

I’ve been feeling exhausted lately, mind you I don’t sleep a lot and the only time I’m exhausted is when I don’t sleep at night, or about twice a year and never, ever, for weeks. I went the doctor and, as it turned out, I basically had not vitamin D in my system. It’s so […]

Twitter Update for Week Ending 29 March, 2014

My wife and I helped our daughter (9) to do her heritage project for the past few weeks, came out great, she learned a lot and did an excellent presentation to her class. In fact, each and every kid had a question. When one of the kids asked why her great-great-great-great grandfather had a beard, […]

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