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Twitter Roundup for Week Ending September 13, 2014

The American novels that should have won the Booker prize via @guardian Woman arrested for overdue library book | CBS 58 | Local News… A new post of Fun Facts Friday: Michael Ondaatje RT @brainpicker: We lost David Foster Wallace six years ago today – his timeless wisdom on writing and how […]

Twitter Update for Week Ending 6 September, 2014

Next week I’ll be starting my Masters program, that means less time to read and blog. Even though I will keep up writing posts, I’m sure it’s not going to be in the same frequency, so my apologies to all who are waiting for me to read their books.

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 23 August, 2014

It is amazing to think that school is about to start, the summer flew by and we still have a vacation to take. We take the kids out of school because it’s a lot cheaper to go to place once school start, we can have an amazing vacation for half the price. Of course this […]

Twitter Update for Week Ending 16 August, 2014

Something has happened the past month, I don’t know what but my traffic has dropped significantly. I am getting tons of SPAM comments though. I’m diagnosing what’s going on with Google webmaster tools but it’s been a frustrating journey, as I worked hard to build traffic and all of the sudden to see this sudden […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 9 August, 2014

RT @elizabethscraig: Are your critiques as helpful as they could be? @jenmalonewrites Did Comics Take Back Comic-Con? via @publisherswkly RT @thecreativepenn: Self-Publishing and Author-Agent Agreements: The Need for Change via @PassiveVoiceBlg If You Like ‘Downton Abbey’ You’ll LOVE These Books via @HuffPostBooks Edinburgh International Book Festival: the other half of spouses’ […]

Twitter Update for Week Ending 2 August, 2014

Yesterday my son (7) took his black belt test for Taekwondo. He has been taking Taekwondo for almost 3 years and we’re very proud that he has stuck with it this long. Besides the health benefits associated with martial arts, Taekwondo has also taught him discipline and a style of living. Both him and his […]

Twitter Roundup For Week Ending 26 July, 2014

This week I celebrated my fourth blogiversary, my first post was, of course, about Don Quixote. I cannot believe four years have gone by and I’m still blogging about books. The past several months I didn’t have the energy to put into the promotion of this site as I did before. and I know that as […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 19 July, 2014

Marvel announced a female Thor to take over in the comics. Does that mean that Thor is now a Disney Princess? Overall, it should be an interesting arc in the comics (nothing is permanent, not even death), they are entrusting the line to very talented writers and artists. Fun Facts Friday: George Bernard #BookReview Check […]

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 12 July, 2014

Looking forward to the world cup game, even though many analysts say Germany will win (I think they are the better team), don’t discount Argentina. While their game might not be as flawless as the Germans, they have the weight of the continent on them not to let a European team win, for the first time, in South America.

The game is bound to be good the only question is: to bring Argentinian wine or German beer?

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 5 July, 2014

Twitter Roundup for Week Ending 13 October, 2013 #BookReview Trolling’s Pass and… Genre Kryptonite: WWI Literature (Centenary Edition) » BOOK… via @BookRiot 5 Books To Watch For In July » BOOK… via @BookRiot Guest Review: X-wing: Rogue Squadron (Star Wars) by Michael #BookReview Can We Have These Gorgeous Book-Inspired Benches?… The Five Laws of Library […]

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