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Book Review: The Nazi and the Psychiatrist by Jack El-Hai

The conclusions Dr. Kelly made are frightening and still relevant to this day. In his writings, Dr. Kelley stated that there was nothing “special” about these top Nazis and their personalities, what happened during Germany’s Third Reich could happen in any country.

Book Review: Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields by Wendy Lower

The Reich’s brainwashing of racial purity was so successful many didn’t question it. If you wanted a job or a promotion you “did your duty” even if that meant mass murder. However, this is not an excuse, in war time perception of “right” and “wrong” get muddied, but that usually occurs on an individual scale, not when it comes to the assist and/or participating in genocide or a bastardized form of euthanasia (killing your own soldiers who were left mentally or physically injured in battle).

Book Review: The Boxer’s Story: Fighting for My Life in the Nazi Camps by Nathan Shapow & Bob Harris

Mr. Shapow survived several labor camps and even Rikenau. How did he ever survived the Nazi killing machine, especially due to his habit of stealing food (a crime punished by execution, even if it’s moldy bread) is a testament to the human spirit.

Book Review: How to Lose a War at Sea edited by Bill Fawcett

How to Lose a War at Sea edited by Bill Fawcett is a fascinating collection of more than 30 short essays about naval warfare and oceanic disasters. The book spans decades, there are essays ranging from the days of the Spanish armada to naval blunders from the 1960s.

Book Review: Destiny of the Republic by Candice Millard

A non-fiction account of the assassination of President James A. Garfield. Mr. Garfield was the 20th President of these United States and the second one to be assassinated in office.

Book Review: A Genius for Deception by Nicholas Rankin

A non-fiction book which tackles the history of camouflage, lies, bluffs and tricks which helped the British win World War I and World War II.

Book Review: Second Suns by David Oliver Relin

An easy to read narrative of two doctors from two completely separate lives who work together by performing cataract surgery in the Himalayas.

Book Review: Rocking the Wall by Erik Kirschbaum

About: Rocking the Wall: Bruce Springsteen: The Berlin Concert that Changed the World by Erik Kirschbaum is a non-fiction book about a 1988 Springsteen concert in East Berlin, Germany. Mr. Kirschbaum got the idea for the book in a taxi coming back from a 2002 Springsteen concert in Berlin, when the cab driver told him […]

Book Review: A Survival Guide for Life by Bear Grylls

About: A Survival Guide for Life: How to Achieve Your Goals, Thrive in Adversity, and Grow in Character by Bear Grylls is a self-help / motivitional book written by the template of all men himself. Mr. Grylls is the host of Man vs. Wild, a successful TV show, and is the ideal outdoor survival expert brand. […]

Book Review: Quotes Every Man Should Know edited by Nick Mamatas

About: Quotes Every Man Should Know edited by Nick Mamatas is exactly what the title describes it as. This is a small book, but with lots of great content. The editor is giv­ing away one copy to 3 winners of this book –to enter fill out the Raf­fle­copt­ter form at the end of the post. 144 […]

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