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Book Review: Congo by David Van Reybrouck

Every time I started to feel some sort of hope between the pages, Mr. Van Reybrouck crushes my beliefs in humanity within a few moments, for the struggle to start again.

Fun Facts Friday: Bill Blackbeard

Bill Blackbeard (28 April, 1926 – 10 March, 2011) was a founder-director of the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art, a writer, editor, and comic strip collector. By Source, Fair use, Books in which Bill Blackbeard was involved Reporter Kevin Parker said that Bill Blackbeard “saved the American comic strip—all of them.” Mr. Blackbeard […]

Book Review: Power, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present by Michael B. Oren

Mr. Oren does a fine job observing neutrality throughout the book, especially on contentious issues, quoting policy makers and careful not to take a stand himself.

Book Review: The Zhivago Affair by Peter Finn and Petra Couvee

The authors go to great length not only to tell a story, but give the reader the historical context in which the events were happening, as well as the social and political climates.

Book Review: Broken Angels by Gemma Liviero

The narrative moves fast and the storytelling is clear

Fun Facts Friday: Henry Fielding

Henry Fielding (22 April, 1707 – 8 October, 1754) was an dramatist and novelist from England. Mr. Fielding was knwn for this satires and humor. By Unknown –, Public Domain, 1)      Together with his half-brother John, Mr. Fielding, then London’s magistrate, created the Bow Street Runners, London’s first police force. 2)      Mr. Fielding […]

Book Review: Native Believer by Ali Eteraz

M tries to find out what it means to a Muslim, devout or secular, in America

Tracey Hecht on Sugar Gliders

The Mysterious Abductions, the first book in Tracey Hecht’s new middle grade series The Nocturnals, is on-sale today. She stopped by the blog to talk about pangolins   While writing The Nocturnals, it was really important to me to use the physiologies of the animals and their unique characteristics to inform and develop the characters […]

Book Review: The Yanks Are Starving by Glen Craney

The Yanks Are Starving: A Novel of the Bonus Army by Glen Craney is a historical fiction book telling the long forgotten story of the Bonus Army of World War 1 vets and how they were treated.

Fun Facts Friday: E..Y. Harburg

E. Y. Harburg (8 April, 1898 – 5 March, 1981) was an American songwriter and book author who is mostly known for his hit songs for Hollywood and Broadway <\p> 1)      Born as Isidore Hochberg in New York’s Lower East Side to Jewish immigrants from Russia, he was the youngest of four children (out of 10) […]

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