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Fun Facts Friday: Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland broke the mold of children’s books in the 1800s by not teaching any morals or lessons

Book Review: Americans at War by Stephen Ambrose

I’ve enjoyed previous books by the author, so a few years ago I picked up Americans at War by Stephen E. Ambrose.

Book Review: Bai Tide by Erika Mitchell

Bai Tide is a light, fast read with loveable characters and exploit

Infographic: Writer’s Retreats

Check out this infographic from about writer’s retreats, an interesting piece.   — Please like and follow —

Fun Facts Friday: Johannes V. Jensen

Son of veterinary surgeon, Mr. Jensen worked as a writer to finance his tuition studying medicine at the University of Copenhagen

Book Review: The King of Vinland’s Saga by Stuart W. Mirsky

This rich adventure novel has memorable characters and an epic story.

Book Review: The One-Cent Magenta by James Barron

As a former stamp collector, even though never to the levels the people in the book are depicted, I was looking forward to read this book.

Fun Facts Friday: Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

Her mystery novels were translated into several languages and sold almost a million copies worldwide.

Book Review: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

Alternative history stories telling about the Nazis taking over the world are not uncommon, the possibilities are obviously horrifying and the author does not shy away from this motif.

Book Review: Thomas Paine and the Promise of America by Harvey J. Kaye

Thomas Paine’s work influenced many radicals during, and after, his lifetime. These radicals called for such extreme change such as ending slavery, women’s equality, fair wages and so on.

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