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Thoughts on: Call Me Princess by Sara Blædel

About: “Call Me Princess” by Sara Blædel is a crime fiction book taking place in Denmark. This is the first book translated by this successful and popular Scandinavian author. 352 pages Publisher: Pegasus ISBN-10: 1605982512 My rating for Call Me Princess – 4 Buy & Save on “Call Me Princess” through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account […]

Author Q&A with Sharon Kay Penman

Sharon Kay Pen­man (web­site | Blog | Face­book) writes wonderful historical fiction books (and a resident of my home state of New Jersey). I recently read her new novel “Lionheart” (book review) which follows Richard I, or as he is better known Richard the Lionheart through the Third Crusade. I was very happy when she […]

Thoughts on: Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman

About: “Lionheart” by Sharon Kay Penman is a historical fiction book about Richard I and the Third crusade. This is a well researched book which is fascinating and exciting. My rating for Lionheart – 5 Buy & Save on “Lionheart” through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account on: Ama­zon | Kin­dle | Book Depos­i­tory US | Book […]

Thoughts on: Holy Terror by Frank Miller

About: “Holy Terror” by Frank Miller is a new graphic novel which has our heroes fighting Al-Qaeda. The book was written after 9/11 and it feels like it. 120 pages Publisher: Legendary Comics LLC ISBN-10: 193727800X My rating for Holy Terror – 3 Buy & Save on “ Holy Terror” through the ManOfLa­Book affil­i­ate account […]

Fun Facts Friday: Miguel de Cervantes

Yesterday was the birthday of one of the greatest authors in history: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (29 September 1547 – 23 April 1616. As you can tell, I am a fan. Not only because of the Quixotic pun of this blog’s name, but also because I think that Don Quixote is still one the most […]

Thoughts on: Melachim Gimmel (Kings III) by Yochi Brandes

About: “Melachim Gimmel” (Kings III) by Yochi Brandes is a biblical fiction book which, presumptuously enough, is a continuation of the biblical books of Kings I and Kings II. While not her first novel, this is the first “biblical” novel the former ultra-orthodox author wrote. My rating for Melachim Gimmel – 4 Thoughts: “Melachim Gimmel” […]

Thoughts on: The Civil War: A Visual History

About: “Civil War: A Visual History” is a coffee table book put out by Parragon Books (website | Twitter) to commemorate the 150thanniversary.  While the book is billed as a coffee table book, it is of the smaller variety and is portable. 224 pages Publisher: Parragon Books ISBN: 1445440377 The pub­lisher has made avail­able one […]

Banning Books – A Good Idea

This week is “Banned Books Week” and I’ve seen a lot of posts against the practice of banning books. As a long time reader I often scoffed at those trying to ban books, however, now that my beloved daughter entered first grade I see things differently. 1 )      Books can give you paper […]

Thoughts on: What Really Matters by Haim Shapira

About: “What Really Matters” by Haim Shapira is a non-fiction book which asks many philosophical questions and sometimes even answers them. The literal translation of the title is “On Really Important Things”. My rating for What Really matters – 4 Thoughts: “What Really Matters” by Haim Shapira asks some very important questions such as “what […]

Guest Post: Mystics predicts future accurately! by Gra­ham Parke

I’ve recently become a master in Goki Feng Ho, the ancient Chinese art of decoding license plates. It has, you can imagine, changed my life dramatically and for the better. Like most practitioners, I’ve always had this suspicion that there’s more to life. That we can’t be mere random collections of molecules with no higher […]

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