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Book Review: The Anatomy Lesson by Nina Siegal

I enjoyed reading about each of the well-developed characters and their back-story. Along with the creative story, the reader gets a sense of 17th Century Holland and what it was like to live during that time.

Book Review: The Madagaskar Plan by Guy Saville

The narrative is fast and bloody, the story is fascinating and complex with many sub plots to keep track of. The characters, both real and fictional, are well written and dimensional.

Book Review: The Memory Painter by Gwendolyn Womack

I enjoyed to read the research the author woven into the book. One of the main character is a neurologist and I found the science fascinating.

Book Review: City of Women by David R. Gillham

Mr. Gillham writes about the misery, despair and paranoia of the German people living under a Nazi regime. A world where evil rules, social justice does not exist, and a wrong word would send you off to a concentration camp, while lacking a safe shelter and food.

Book Review: The Mapmaker’s Children by Sarah McCoy

I liked the stories of the women and the found the characters to be affable and smart. The author can certainly write and engaging story and I found myself to be sympathetic to the storyline.

Book Review: At Drake’s Command by David Wesley Hill

Mr. Hill used his research to envision what sailors we know of might have been like, whenever he could he used the names of those who were actually on the voyage to add to the authenticity of this fictional story

Book Review: Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell

About: Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell is the sixth novel in this historical-fiction series featuring Uhtred of Bebbanburg. The series is called The Saxon Chronicles and tells about eh unification of Anglo Saxon England as well as the expulsion of the Danes from Britain.   336 pages Publisher: Harper Paperbacks Language: English ISBN-10: 0061969664 […]

Book Review: City of Thieves by David Benioff

This book has a lot to offer, it is a war story, a coming of age triumph, a serious look at the Siege of Leningrad with lots of humor and best of all, historically accurate. I enjoyed reading this book very much and would recommend it wholly.

Book Review: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet

I found the author’s explanation about buildings, how technology developed to make the buildings stronger, very interesting. The historical fiction aspect of the novel, how people lived, worked and acted during the 12th Century England, was also engaging.

Book Review: Love and Treasure by Ayelet Waldman

About: Love and Treasure by Ayelet Waldman is a fictional multi-generational story. Ms. Waldman is a prolific author of fiction and non-fiction novels, essays and short stories. 352 pages Publisher: Knopf Language: English ISBN-10: 0385533543 My rat­ing for Love and Treasure — 3 Buy this book in paper or elec­tronic for­mat* More Books by Ayelet […]

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