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Fun Facts Friday: Alice Hegan Rice

American author Alice Hegan Rice was born on this day in 1879 (d: 10 February, 1942). She is best known for her novel Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch which was published in 1901.    Books by Alice Hegan Rice Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch was a thinly veiled social commentary, with memorable characters […]

Fun Facts Friday: Jacob Grimm

Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm (known as Karl) of the Grimm Brothers was born on this day, 4 January, 1785 (d: 20 September, 1863) . The brothers are famous to this day and their name is practically synonymous with folk tales and fairytales.         Books by Jacob  Grimm 1 ) Jacob Grimm was the […]

Fun Facts Friday: Manuel Puig

Today is the birthday of Argentine author Manuel Puig who was born in a small village in 1932 (d: 22 July, 1990)   Books by Manuel Puig   1 ) Puig loved American pop-culture. 2 ) After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires, Puig wanted to become a screenwriter 3 ) Puig became a […]

Fun Facts Friday: Benjamin Disraeli

Sir Benjamin Disraeli was born today, 21 December 1804 (d: 19 April, 1881), he was a man of many interests but today he is known most as a statesman but he was a prolific author as well.   Book by Benjamin Disraeli   1 )      Disraeli’s nickname was “Dizzy”. 2 )      In the 1820s Benjamin […]

Fun Facts Friday: Shirley Jackson

American author Shirley Jackson (14 December, 1916 -8 August, 1965) born on this day. She is best known for her excellent short story The Lottery. Books by Shirley Jackson 1 ) Jackson believed in white and black magic 2 ) The author influenced Stephen King and Neil Gaiman 3 ) Jackson’s husband, Stanley Hyman, is […]

Fun Facts Friday: Willa Cather

Today is the birthday of Pulitzer prize winning American author Willa Cather (7 December, 1873 – 24, April, 1947). Even though Cather is associated with the pioneer spirit, she lived most of her life in New York city. Books by Willa Cather 1 ) Ms. Cather often lied about the year she was born in. […]

Fun Facts Friday: Mark Twain

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, who is more famous under his nom de plume – Mark Twain – was born today in 30 November, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. Twain was an interesting man, a talented writer / author, a keen observer of life and a possessed a biting sense of humor. Books by Mark Twain 1 )      […]

Fun Facts Friday: Paul Celan

Today is the birthday of Romanian poet and translator Paul Celan (23 November 1920 – abt. 20 April 1970) . Born into a Jewish family in Romania (Ukraine) . Celan was awarded the Bremen Literature Prize in 1958 and the Georg Büchner Prize in 1960. 1 ) Celan was born as Paul Antschel but changed […]

Fun Facts Friday: Colin Thiele

Colin Thiele, born today 16 November, 1920 (d: 4 September 2006) was an Australian award winning author and educator who published over 100 books. 1)  Born in South Australia, Colin didn’t speak English until he went to school, instead he spoke German due to his family’s Barossa heritage. 2 ) In order to go to […]

Fun Facts Friday: Stieg Larsson

On t his day, Swedish author Karl Stig-Erland “Stieg” Larsson (15 August, 1954 – 9 November, 2004) passed away before he could witness his books becoming an international phenomena. Books by Stieg Larsson 1) Larsson lived with his grandparents Skelleftehamm in N. Sweden while his parents moved to Stockholm to pursue better job opportunities. Larsson […]

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