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Fun Facts Friday: Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

Beatrice Schenk de Regniers (16 August, 1914 – 1 March, 2000) was a beloved writer of children’s picture books. Books by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers The author’s last name is pronounced “drain-yay” One of de Regniers earliest memories is her mother reading folktales and fairytales every night. One of Beatrice’s favorite teacher was the sponsor […]

Fun Facts Friday: John Dryden

John Dryden (19 August, 1631 – 12 May, 1700) was an English playwright, literary critic and poet. Dryden was England’s first poet laureate and was also historiographer royal. Walter Scott called Dryden “Glorious John” A period in which Dryden dominated the literary life was called Age of Dryden Dryden was the oldest of 14 children […]

Fun Facts Friday: George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950) was a prize winning Irish playwright, journalist, polemicist and a public speaker. Books by George Bernard Shaw* Mr. Shaw was known for his wit and witty phrases such as: “My specialty is being right when other people are wrong” and “My way of joking is […]

Fun Facts Friday: Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar Nelson

Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar Nelson (19 July, 1875 – 18 September 1935) is an American poet and was involved in the flourishing of the Harlem Renaissance. Alice was among the first generation of African Americans born free in the New Orleans after the American Civil War. Alice graduated from Straight University in 1892, a time […]

Fun Facts Friday: Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau (12 July, 1817 – 6 May, 1862) was an American writer and Transcendentalist born in Concord, MA. Thoreau was also known for civil disobedience as well as an avid abolitionist.     Books by Henry David Thoreau Thoreau started writing poetry abut nature in the 1840s with his friend and mentor, poet […]

Fun Facts Friday: Independence Day

July 4th is known as America’s Independence day, we celebrate by going to parades, barbecues and fireworks, however not many people realize the interesting history behind this day. 1) The first celebration of Independence Day took place on 8 July, 1776 in Philadelphia, PA. This was also when the Declaration of Independence was first read […]

Fun Facts Friday: Jean-Jaques Rousseau

On this day in 1712 Genevan philosopher, composer and writer Jean-Jaques Rousseau (28 June, 1712 – 2 July, 1778) was born. Rousseau’s political philosophy influenced the French Revolution and modern politics. Even though Geneva is now in Switzerland, at the time Rousseau was born it was a city-state. Rousseau usually signed his books “Jean Jacques […]

Fun Facts Friday: Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis

Today is the birthday of famed Brazilian novelist, poet, playwrite and short story writer Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis. The author was an advocate of monarchism and is still regarded as the greatest writer of Brazilian literature. 1) The author was known also as Machado de Assis, Machado, or Bruxo do Cosme Velho 2) Machado […]

Fun Facts Friday: Gwendolyn Brooks

Gwendolyn Brooks (7 June, 1917 – 3 December, 2000) was an award winning American poet. Ms. Brooks would have been 96 years old today.   Books by Gwendolyn Brooks 1)      Ms. Brooks was born in Kansas, but raised in Chicago. 2)      Her nicknamed was “Gwendie”. 3)      Brooks’ first poem was published in a children’s magazine […]

Fun Facts Friday: Elizabeth Coatsworth

Elizabeth Coatsworth (31 May, 1893 – 31 August, 1986) was an American author known for her children’s stories and poetry for both kids and adults.  Born in Buffalo, New York, Elizabeth was the daughter of a prosperous grain merchant.  As a young girl, Coatsworth went to a private girls’ school.  Her parents took her traveling […]

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