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Fun Facts Friday: Henry Fielding

Henry Fielding (22 April, 1707 – 8 October, 1754) was an dramatist and novelist from England. Mr. Fielding was knwn for this satires and humor. By Unknown –, Public Domain, 1)      Together with his half-brother John, Mr. Fielding, then London’s magistrate, created the Bow Street Runners, London’s first police force. 2)      Mr. Fielding […]

Fun Facts Friday: E..Y. Harburg

E. Y. Harburg (8 April, 1898 – 5 March, 1981) was an American songwriter and book author who is mostly known for his hit songs for Hollywood and Broadway <\p> 1)      Born as Isidore Hochberg in New York’s Lower East Side to Jewish immigrants from Russia, he was the youngest of four children (out of 10) […]

Fun Facts Friday: Bella Spewack

Bella claimed to have come up with the idea of selling Girl Scout cookies to raise revenue.

Fun Facts Friday: Stéphane Mallarmé

Mr. Mallarmé’s occupation was an English teacher

Fun Facts Friday: Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams (11 March, 1952 – 11 May, 2001) was an English humorist and dramatist best known for his series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. By Source, Fair use, 1)      Mr. Adams had some interesting jobs throughout his life. He was a a bodyguard to oil tycoons from Qatar and cleaning chicken sheds […]

Fun Facts Friday: Victory Hugo

The book Les Misérables, was the most popular novel among soldiers fighting in the American Civil War.

Fun Facts Friday: José Eustasio Rivera Salas

His 1924 novel The Vortex (La vorágine), about the rubber workers in the Amazon basin, is considered a most important novel in Latin American literary history.

Fun Facts Friday: Charles Darwin

Darwin loved animals…. He started a club in college which dined on “birds and beasts, which were before unknown to human palate”. While traveling around the globe, he continued to eat exotic animals.

Fun Facts Friday: William S. Burroughs

William S. Burroughs (5 February, 1914 – 2 August, 1997) was an American author, satirist, painter and celebrity. Image from Burroughs family fortune came from the Burroughs Adding Machine. His parents sold their stock in 1929, right before the crush. Burroughs has a degree in English lit from Harvard. The military rejected him four […]

Fun Facts Friday: Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov (29 January, 1860 – 15 July, 1904) was one of Russia’s most beloved writers. He wrote plays, short stories, novellas, non-fiction, and one novel. “Chekhov 1898 by Osip Braz” by Osip Braz – [1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons. Chekhov was a physician by trade with a degree from I.M. Sechenov First […]

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