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Fun Facts Friday: Joseph Heller

Heller’s agent sold the unfinished manuscript of Catch-22 to Simon and Schuster. The publisher paid $750 and promised another $750 when the manuscript will be delivered 3 years later. Mr. Heller missed the deadline by 5 years or so.

Fun Facts Friday: Isak Dinesen

eturning to Denmark, Mrs. Blixen pulsed Seven Gothic Tales in 1934. The book was written in English, under her nom-de-plume Isak Dinesen and was critically acclaimed.

Fun Facts Friday: Washington Irving

In his book A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (1828) Washington Irving gave birth to the myth that people during Columbus’ time thought the Earth was flat and Columbus set out to prove them wrong. (Inventing the Flat Earth by Jeffrey Russell) In the 1490s people argues about the size of the Earth, not its shape, in fact in 1492, when Columbus set sail, the first globes were produces.

Fun Facts Friday: Maxim Gorky

In 1906 Gorky went on a fund raising trip, on behalf of the Bolsheviks, to the United States. During the trip he wrote his novel The Mother when visiting the Adirondack Mountains. Gorky also created a scandal because he was traveling with actress Maria Andreyeva, his lover, instead of his wife. Despite feeling contempt for the bourgeois soul, Gorky came to admire the American spirit.

Fun Facts Friday: Henrik Ibsen

He is considered one of the most influential dramatists and poets of the 19th century, second only to William Shakespeare.

Fun Facts Friday: Lady Augusta Gregory

Lady Gregory founded the Irish Literary Theatre as well as the Abbey Theatre with William Butler Yeats and Edward Martyn.

Fun Facts Friday: Gabriel García Márquez

He was born in Aracataca because his grandfather killed a man in a gunfight and fled to this new town, taking his daughter, García Márquez’s mother, with him.

Fun Facts Friday: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

At Harvard Longfellow lectured, and directed the Modern Languages department which consisted men teaching in Spanish, French, Italian, and German. When one of them fell ill or need a replacement, Longfellow filled in.

Fun Facts Friday: Naoya Shiga

When Shiga declared his intention to marry one of the family’s maids, she was quickly “removed” from the household.

Fun Facts Friday: Ricardo Güiraldes

When his poetry book, El cencerro de cristal, didn’t sell Güiraldes threw the unsold copies into a well. His wife, Adelina del Carril, fished them out and now they are sought after collectibles.

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