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Fun Facts Friday: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

At Harvard Longfellow lectured, and directed the Modern Languages department which consisted men teaching in Spanish, French, Italian, and German. When one of them fell ill or need a replacement, Longfellow filled in.

Fun Facts Friday: Naoya Shiga

When Shiga declared his intention to marry one of the family’s maids, she was quickly “removed” from the household.

Fun Facts Friday: Ricardo Güiraldes

When his poetry book, El cencerro de cristal, didn’t sell Güiraldes threw the unsold copies into a well. His wife, Adelina del Carril, fished them out and now they are sought after collectibles.

Fun Facts Friday: Derek Walcott

Mr. Walcott is the first Caribbean writer to win the Nobel Prize

Fun Facts Friday: Inger Christensen

During her lifetime, she was considered one of Europe’s leading contemporary experimentalists.

Fun Facts Friday: Thomas Warton

At the age of nine, Mr. Warton translated an epigram by Martial (a Roman writer).

Fun Facts Friday: Gustave Flaubert

When Madame Bovary was serialized in a newspaper, the French government sued the author and publisher on charges of immorality. The government lost.

Fun Facts Friday: Voltaire

The name Voltaire, which the author started using in 1718, is an anagram of “AROVET LI,” the Latinized spelling of Arouet and the initial letters of “le jeune” (“the young”). Many saw the adoption of the name, which followed his incarceration at the Bastille, as a formal separation from his family and past.

Fun Facts Friday: Astrid Lindgren

Mrs. Lindgren created her most famous character, Pippi Longstocking, after the birth of her daughter Karin to ease her time when she was sick.

Fun Facts Friday: Albert Camus

5) In 1940 Camdus moved to Paris and met Francine Faure, a pianist and a mathematician. The two fell in love and gotthen married that same year. The couple had twins in 1945, Francine would also be part of the Manhattan Project

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