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Fun Facts Friday: Owen Wister

As a member of Harvard’s all male Porcellian Club he was introduced to, and became a lifelong friend, of future president Teddy Roosevelt

Fun Facts Friday: Robert A. Heinlein

During his life Mr. Heinlein published 59 short stories, 32 novels, and 16 collections.  Four of his works became feature films (he wrote one of the screenplays), two TV series, and episodes on a radio series.

Fun Facts Friday: Czesław Miłosz

Czesław Miłosz (30 June, 1911 – 14 August, 2004) was a poet, writer and translator from Poland. Books by Czesław Miłosz* 1)      Originally born under the flag of the Russian Empire, the village of Szetejnie is now part of Lithuania. 2)      During World War II, Mr. Miłosz was in Warsaw, which was ruled by Nazi Germany. 3)      After the war, Mr. […]

Fun Facts Friday: Irvin S. Cobb

Irvin S. Cobb (23 June, 1876 – 11 March, 1944) was a prolific American humorist, columnist and author. Books by Irvin S. Cobb* 1)      Born in Paducah, Kentucky, Mr. Cobb moved to New York when he was 28 years old. 2)      At one time, Mr. Cobb was the highest paid staff reporter in the United […]

Fun Facts Friday: Isabelle Holland

A recurring theme in her books were the effects of alcoholism on families.

Fun Facts Friday: Richard Adams

Richard Adams (9 May, 1920 – 24 December, 2016) was a novelist from England who is known for his novel Watership Down. Books by Richard Adams* 1)      Mr. Adams studied modern history in Worcester College, Oxford. 2)      During World War II he was posted to the Royal Army Service Corps. 3)      Mr. Adams was a […]

Fun Facts Friday: The Man with the Golden Gun

A few days ago I reviewed The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming. It was not my favorite Bond novel (or film), but reading it was still a lot of fun – and isn’t that what it’s all about? For this post I researched the novel, and movie, a bit for a few […]

Fun Facts Friday: Paul Erdman

Paul Erdman (19 May, 1932 – 23 April, 2007) was a financial and business writer. He was known for writing novels based on historical facts and complex financial intrigues. Books by Paul Erdman* 1)      The author earned a PhD in economics and was a former Lutheran seminarian. 2)      He was the first American to establish […]

Fun Facts Friday: Peter Benchley

The Doubleday editor who met with the author didn’t care for his idea of a non-fiction book about pirates, but loved the man eating shark terrorizing a community pitch. It is said that Mr. Benchley wrote a page in the Doubleday offices and immediately got an advance check.

Fun Facts Friday: Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett (28 April, 1948 – 12 March, 2015) was an English fantasy author known for his comical work and his series of 41 novels, Discworld. Books by Terry Pratchett* 1)      Mr. Pratchett sold more than 85 million books worldwide, his stories have been translated to 37 languages. 2)      As a kid, Mr. Pratchett wanted […]

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