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Fun Facts Friday: Siegfried Lenz

Siegfried Lenz (17 March, 1926 – 7 October, 2014) was a German novelist and writer. Books by Siegfried Lenz* Born in the town of Lyck, East Prussia, Mr. Lenz would today be considered as being born in Poland. After graduation in 1943, Mr. Lenz was drafted into the Kriegsmarine, the Nave of Nazi Germany. Before the […]

Fun Facts Friday: James Merrill

James Merrill (3 March, 1926 – 6 February, 1995) was an award winning American poet. Books by James Merrill* 1)      Born in New York City, the poet’s parents were Hellen Ingram Merrill, a society report and publisher, and Charles E. Merrill, co-founder of the investment firm Merrill Lynch. 2)      As the son of an investment […]

Fun Facts Friday: Wilhelm Grimm

Both Grimm brothers, together with 5 other professors, formed a group called The Göttingen Seven to protest against Ernst August, King of Hannover . The group maintained that King Ernst August violated the Constitution.

Fun Facts Friday: Chaim Potok

r. Potok served in South Korea as a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army in a front-line medical battalion and in engineer combat battalion.

Fun Facts Friday: Bertolt Brecht

During World War II Mr. Brecht wrote for the Exilliteratur, an anti-Nazi movement of authors expressing opposition to the National Socialist and Fascist regimes

Fun Facts Friday: James A. Michener

James A. Michener (3 February, 1907 – 16 October, 1997) was an American author and Pulitzer Prize winner. Books by James A. Michener 1)      Mr. Michener did not know his biological parents or where he was born. He was raised by his adoptive parents in Doylestown, PA. 2)      After graduating from college he became a […]

Fun Facts Friday: Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland broke the mold of children’s books in the 1800s by not teaching any morals or lessons

Fun Facts Friday: Johannes V. Jensen

Son of veterinary surgeon, Mr. Jensen worked as a writer to finance his tuition studying medicine at the University of Copenhagen

Fun Facts Friday: Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

Her mystery novels were translated into several languages and sold almost a million copies worldwide.

Fun Facts Friday: Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling (30 December, 1865 – 18 January, 1936) was an English writer, poet and novelist. Mr. Kipling is best known for his books The Man Who Would Be King and The Jungle Book. Books by Rudyard Kipling* 1)      Mr. Kipling was born in India, but was educated in England in a foster home. 2)      […]

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