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Fun Facts Friday: Johannes V. Jensen

Son of veterinary surgeon, Mr. Jensen worked as a writer to finance his tuition studying medicine at the University of Copenhagen

Fun Facts Friday: Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

Her mystery novels were translated into several languages and sold almost a million copies worldwide.

Fun Facts Friday: Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling (30 December, 1865 – 18 January, 1936) was an English writer, poet and novelist. Mr. Kipling is best known for his books The Man Who Would Be King and The Jungle Book. Books by Rudyard Kipling* 1)      Mr. Kipling was born in India, but was educated in England in a foster home. 2)      […]

Fun Facts Friday: Samuel Smiles

Samuel Smiles (23 December, 1812 – 16 April, 1904) was a Scottish author of both fiction and non-fiction books. By George Reid – National Portrait Gallery: NPG 1377 While Commons policy accepts the use of this media, one or more third parties have made copyright claims against Wikimedia Commons in relation to the work from […]

Fun Facts Friday: Arthur C. Clarke

7) He predicted home computers, e-mail, Skype and smart watches (even though we’re still waiting for the space elevator and humans on Mars by 1994).

Fun Facts Friday: Jean de Brunhoff

Cécile de Brunhoff’s name was removed from the book, but she is still considered by many to be the creator of Babar

Fun Facts Friday: You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming

The story was written after the film Dr. No was released, literary 007 gotten some of cinematic Bond’s persona.

Fun Facts Friday: Lope Félix de Vega

Lope Félix de Vega (25 November, 1562 – 27 August, 1635) was a Spanish playwright, poet and novelist. The first signs of the author’s genius were in childhood, at age 5 he could read Spanish and Latin, at age 10 he was already translating from Latin. The author joined the Spanish navy in 1583 and […]

Fun Facts Friday: W.S. Gilbert

W.S. Gilbert (18 November, 1836 – 29 May, 1911) was an English poet, illustrator and dramatist. Mr. Gilbert is known for his collaboration with computer Sir Arthur Sullivan in musical theater. By Leslie Ward – Published in Vanity Fair, 21 May 1881; adjusted from [1] using colour cubes provided., Public Domain, Link The W.S. stands […]

Fun Facts Friday: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Born as Theodore Dostoevsky, the author had a speech impediment and couldn’t pronounce to “th” sound. He changed his name to Fyodor instead.

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