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Fun Facts Friday: Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift (30 November, 1667 – 19 October, 1745) was an English satirist, essayist, poet, and pamphleteer. Mr. Swift is remembered for his prose and satire in works like Gulliver’s Travels. Books by Jonathan Swift* Mr. Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland. His father, Jonathan Swift, was a lawyer. At Dublin University (Trinity College, Dublin) […]

Fun Facts Friday: Shaun Herron

Shaun Herron (23 November, 1912 – 1989) is an Irish novelist, a finalist of the Edgar Award. Books by Shaun Herron* Herron was born in Carrickfergus in County Antrim. After high-school he started studying in Queen’s University Belfast. During the Spanish Civil War Mr. Herron left the University to join a Basque battalion that fought […]

Fun Facts Friday: George S. Kaufman

George S. Kaufman (16 November, 1889 – 2 June, 1961) was a playwright, humorist and critic, born in Pittsburgh, PA. Kaufman was a professional journalist writing humor columns, but in 1918 he decided to become a playwright. From 1921 to 1941 Mr. Kaufman had at least one hit Broadway show (either as a writer or […]

Fun Facts Friday: Charles Sprague the “Banker Poet of Boston”

Charles Sprague (26 October, 1791 – 22 January, 1875) was an American poet often known as the “Banker Poet of Boston”. Sprague’s father, Samuel Sprague, was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War and a participant in the Boston Tea Party. Sprague’s schooling ended at the age of 13. He was then apprenticed to a […]

Fun Facts Friday: Fannie Hurst

Fannie Hurst (19 October, 1885 – 23 February, 1968) was a novelist and short-story writer from Ohio. Books by Fannie Hurst* Hurst was born in Hamilton, OH, but grew up in St. Louis, MS. Her father owned a shoe factory. In 1909 Ms. Hurst wrote both the book and the lyrics for the comic opera […]

Fun Facts Friday: Ann Petry

Ann Petry (12 October, 1908 – 28 April, 1997) was an American novelist, author of children’s books and short stories. Books by Ann Petry* The author was born as Ann Lane in Old Saybrook, CT. At the time she was one of 15 African Americans in the town. The author’s father was a pharmacist, her […]

Fun Facts Friday: Frederic Morton

Frederic Morton (5 October, 1924 – 20 April, 2015) was an award winning American writer who was born in Austria. Books by Frederic Morton* The writer was born as Fritz Mandelbaum in Vienna, Austria. His father was a blacksmith whose specialty was making imperial medals and belt buckles for the Austrian Army. In 1938 Nazi […]

Fun Facts Friday: Kate Douglas Wiggin

Kate Douglas Wiggin (28 September, 1856 – 24 August, 1923) was an American author and educator, mostly known for her classic novel Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Books by Kate Douglas Wiggin* 1.       Ms. Wiggin was born in Philadelphia, PA and experienced a happy childhood despite the American Civil War. 2.       After her father died, young Kate and […]

Fun Facts Friday: Elinor Wylie

During her lifetime Ms. Wylie was notorious for having multiple affairs and marriages

Fun Facts Friday: DuBose Heyward

DuBose Heyward (31 August, 1885 – 16 June, 1940) was an American author, he wrote a 1925 novel called Porgy, which was turned into the opera Porgy and Bess. Books by DuBose Heyward* Heyward was born in Charleston, SC. One of the author’s ancestors, Thomas Heyward, Jr., was a judge who signed the Declaration of […]

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