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Fun Facts Friday: Dr. Samuel Johnson

Dr. Samuel Johnson (18 September, 1709 – 12 December, 1784) was an English write, poet and essayist who has made large contributions to English literature.

Fun Facts Friday: O. Henry

O. Henry (11 September, 1862 – 5 June, 1910) was an American writer, known for his short stories.

Fun Facts Friday: François-Auguste-René, vicomte de Chateaubriand

François-Auguste-René, vicomte de Chateaubriand (4 September, 1768 – 4 July, 1848) was a French author and diplomat, known as one of the first Romantic writes of his country.

Fun Facts Friday: Count Maurice Maeterlinck

Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck (29, August 1862 – 6, May 1949) was a poet, writer and playwright from Belgium.

Fun Facts Friday: Robert Stone

Robert Stone (21 August, 1937 – 10 January, 2015) was an award winning American novelist known for his novel Dog Soldiers.

Fun Facts Friday: John Galsworthy

John Galsworthy (14 August, 1867 – 31 January, 1933) was an English novelist and playwright, as well as the 1932 Nobel Prize in Literature winner.

Fun Facts Friday: Gertrude Himmelfarb

Gertrude Himmelfarb (8 August, 1922 – 30 December, 2019) was an author and historian, focusing on Great Britain.

Fun Facts Friday: Primo Levi

Primo Levi (31 July, 1919 – 11 April, 1987) was an Italian chemist and writer books about his experiences as a Jewish man during World War II.

Fun Facts Friday: Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda Fitzgerald (24 July, 1900 – 10 March, 1948) was an American author, painter and socialite. Together with her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, they became the symbol for the Roaring 20s.

Fun Facts Friday: S.Y. Agnon

S.Y. Agnon – ש”י עגנון (17 July, 1888 – 17 February, 1970) was an Israeli author, a Noble Prize winner, and one of the central figures in modern Israeli literature.

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