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Book Review: Bill Duke: My 40-Year Career on Screen and Behind the Camera

About: Bill Duke: My 40-Year Career on Screen and Behind the Camera is a memoir of the prolific actor and director. Mr. Duke has been in many movies which are now considered pop-culture classics (American Gigolo, Commando, Predator, X-Men), he is also a director, producer and entrepreneur. 232 pages Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Language: […]

Book Review: 20 Years in the Secret Service by Rufus W. Youngblood

Synopsis: 20 Years in the Secret Service: My Life with Five Presidents by Rufus W. Youngblood is a memoir spanning the author’s career. The book has been published in 1974, this is a re-release which includes photographs from Mr. Youngblood’s collection not included in the first printing as well as a forward by Clint Hill. […]

Book Review: Titans of History by Simon Sebag Montefiore

The biographies in this book are very short, a few pages each.

Book Review: Lincoln’s Last Trial by Dan Abrams & David Fisher

I first noticed this book when author Dan Abrams hawked it on TV as part of a panel on one of the Sunday political shows I watch. The book immediately caught my attention since I really enjoy these min-biographies which delve in depth into a short, but meaningful time in the subject’s life.

Book Review: Five Presidents by Clint Hill & Lisa McCubbin

I loved reading about these great man, who were after all just humans as we all are. Eisenhower’s legendary passion for golf, Johnson’s humane side and the pride of his roots,

Book Review: Best of Enemies: The Last Great Spy Story of the Cold War by Gus Russo and Eric Dezenhall

I love a good spy novel, a great one is even better, and a great non-fiction book which reads like a great spy novel is the best.

Book Review: Otto Skorzeny: The Devil’s Disciple by Stuart Smith

It’s surprising that I’ve never heard of this man, a legend then, and it appears now as well since much of the Special Forces methodology today is based on his methods.

Book Review: Returning by Yael Shahar

This is not an easy book to read, but it’s not meant to be and is not afraid to ask difficult questions – some of which have no answers

Book Review: The Fighters by C.J. Chivers

The author tells real stories of real soldiers that have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, some are new to the military and others are veterans of other conflicts. Their stories are told from a humane point of view and takes into account the human factor and the toll fighting takes on one’s self and one’s family.

Book Review: The Private Life of Victoria by Alexander MacDonald

The author writes about the way Queen Victoria conducted her personal relationships before, and during, her reign

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