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Book Review: Gray Day by Eric O’Neill

About: Gray Day: My Undercover Mission to Expose America’s First Cyber Spy by Eric O’Neill is a non-fiction book following the author’s investigation into the FBI’s most damaging spy. Mr. O’Neill is a cybersecurity expert and a former FBI agent. 304 pages Publisher: Crown Language: English ISBN-10: 0525573526 My rating for Gray Day – 5 […]

Book Review: The Agitator by Peter Duffy

About: The Agitator: William Bailey and the First American Uprising against Nazism by Peter Duffy is a short biography of William Bailey, an American who stood his ground against Hitler’s Germany at a time when the US was solidly neutral. Mr. Duffy is a historian and journalist. 288 pages Publisher: PublicAffairs (March 19, 2019) Language: […]

Book Review: Grateful American by Gary Sinise

About: Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service by Gary Sinise is a biography of the famous actor about his career, family and charity work. Mr. Sinise is a talented actor, known to many as Lieutenant Dan from the classic movie Forrest Gump, but is appreciated just as much for his work with American […]

Book Review: Books by Larry McMurtry

About: Books by Larry McMurtry is a non-fiction memoir of the author’s time as an antiquarian book seller.  Mr. McMurtry is an American novelist, who is known for writing about the Old West such as Lonesome Dove. 272 pages Publisher: Simon & Schuster Language: English ISBN-10: 9781416583349 My rating for Books – 3 Buy Books from* More Books by Larry McMurtry* […]

Book Review: How to Know the Birds by Ted Floyd

About: How to Know the Birds: The Art and Adventure of Birding by Ted Floyd is a book which intends to inform novice and enthusiasts alike. Mr. Floyd is the editor of Birding Magazine and, of course, an avian aficionado himself. 304 pages Publisher: National Geographic Language: English ISBN-10: 1426220030 Buy How to Know the […]

Book Review: None of the Above by Shani Robinson and Anna Simonton

About: None of the Above: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal, Corporate Greed, and the Criminalization of Educators by Shani Robinson and Anna Simonton is a non-fiction book about the experiences of Mrs. Robinson who has been involved in this humiliating and undignified event. Mrs. Robinson. After several years, Mrs. Robinson, […]

Book Review: Death March Escape by Jack J Hersch

About: Death March Escape: The Remarkable Story of a Man Who Twice Escaped the Nazi Holocaust by Jack J Hersch is a biography of Dave Hersch, the author’s father. This is Mr. Hersch’s first non-fiction book. 256 pages Publisher: Frontline Books Language: English ASIN: B07GCH7F5Z My rating for Death March Escape – 5 Buy Death March Escape from […]

Book Review: Code Name: Lise: The True Story of the Woman Who Became WWII’s Most Highly Decorated Spy by Larry Loftis

About: Code Name: Lise: The True Story of the Woman Who Became WWII’s Most Highly Decorated Spy by Larry Loftis is a non-fiction book about a British spy operating in occupied France. Mr. Lofits was a corporate attorney, but is now a full time writer. 384 pages Publisher: Gallery Books Language: English ISBN-10: 1501198653 My […]

Book Review: The Banker and the Blackfoot by J. Edward Chamberlin

The author goes on to tell about the history of the West and the relationships between the Mounties (police), the Natives, and the settlers. Even though the Canadians did not have the issues that the US struggled with, they still managed to break their promises to the First Nation.

Book Review: Bill Duke: My 40-Year Career on Screen and Behind the Camera

About: Bill Duke: My 40-Year Career on Screen and Behind the Camera is a memoir of the prolific actor and director. Mr. Duke has been in many movies which are now considered pop-culture classics (American Gigolo, Commando, Predator, X-Men), he is also a director, producer and entrepreneur. 232 pages Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Language: […]

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