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Author Q&A with Ellen Feldman

I’m glad I read, “Next to Love” (book review) by Ellen Feld­man (web­site), it was a very enjoyable, well written and unique book. I had some hesitation before requesting it, but I’m glad I did. Ms. Feldman was kind enough to answer a few questions I had, here they are. Q. The cover is very […]

Author Q&A with Paul Seesequasis

The book “Tobacco Wars” (book review) was a strange one. I’ve had several questions about ti and Mr. Seesequasis was kind enough to answer them. Q. How much of the part about Pocahontas is based on actual events? A.Only a few ‘bare’ essentials – no pun intended. Pocahontas was married to John Rolfe, she did […]

Author Q&A with Colleen Morton Busch

Colleen Morton Busch wrote the non-fiction book “Fire Monks” (book review) which tells the amazing story of monks trying to save their sanctuary during the California wildfires wich ravaged the state. I’ve had some questions about the book, Zen and more which Ms. Busch was kind enough to answer. Q. What are the connections between […]

Author Q&A with Keith Donohue

Author Keith Dono­hue (web­site) wrote the black comedy “Centuries of June” (book review) which I very much enjoyed . I had many questions about this strange book, which somehow works. I actually got to ask a few of them. I love book blogging. Q. I found it hard to categorize “Centuries of June”, how would […]

Author Q&A with William C. Rempel

William C. Rempel wrote the excellent non-fiction book “At the Devil’s Table” which I recently read and highly recommend. Mr. Rempel is a noted investigative journalist and editor for the L.A. Times and was kind enough to answer a few questions. Q. How long have you been working on the book? Was it a difficult […]

Author Q&A with M.J. Rose

I recently read and enjoyed M. J. Rose’s (web­site | Face­book |Twit­ter) series of non-sequential books “The Rein­car­na­tion­ist”. I recently had an opportunity to ask her a few questions, and she was kind enough to answer them. Q. Even though “The Reincarnationist” series deals with the supernatural, it seems to me that you do an […]

Author Q&A with Stefan Merill Block

Stefan Merill Block (web­site) wrote a very lyrical book called “The Storm at the Door” (book review) which I found fascinating. The subject matter were the lives of Mr. Block’s grandparents, however the story he tells is fictional, more likely a family-historical fiction type. Mr. Block was kind enough to answer my questions with very […]

Author Q&A with Joseph Braude

Joseph Braude (web­site | Twit­ter | Face­book) has a new book called“The Hon­ored Dead: A Story of Friend­ship, Mur­der, and the Search for Truth in the Arab World” (book review). It is a smart, nonfiction book written in lyri­cal prose and engag­ing story. Mr. Braude was kind enough to answer a few questions about “The […]

Author Q&A with Lauren Belfer

A few weeks ago I read “A Fierce Radiance” (book review) and was very impressed with the storytelling and research that went into the book. The author, Lauren Belfer (web­site), was kind enough to answer a few questions I had after finished reading her book. Q. It seems you did a lot of research, anything […]

Author Q and A with Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

Eliz­a­beth Kerri Mahon (blog | Twit­ter) did what many bloggers dream but not dare – she turned her blog into a book. Not only that, I really liked her book “Scandalous Women” (book review) and Ms. Mahon was kind enough to answer a few questions about social media, her experience going from a blog to […]

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