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Author Q&A with Ann Atkins

Ann Atkins wrote the Flash Biography of Eleanor Roosevelt (my thoughts). Ms. Atkins is planning a “Flash History” series, a college instructor, community director, and counselor she is also an interesting and engaging writer. Q. Why did you choose Eleanor Roosevelt as the subject of this book? Are you planning a series of biographies geared […]

Author Q&A with Ann Weisgarber

Ann Weis­gar­ber (web­site) wrote The Per­sonal His­tory of Rachel DuPree (my thoughts) which is a unique and involved book. This was her first book and an award winning one as well which, of course, provoked some questions in my curious mind. Q.As a white woman, did you have trepidations writing a book about an African-American […]

Author Q&A with Steven Saylor

Steven Say­lor (web­site | Face­book) is a well known historical fiction author whose books about ancient Rome are not only entertaining, but well researched and enlightening as well. His book Roma (my thoughts) was superb and I’m looking forward to read more.  I was very happy when Mr. Saylor agreed to answer a few questions […]

Author Q&A with Dennis Danziger

Den­nis Danziger (web­site) is the author of A Short History of a Tall Jew (my thoughts). The book was funny, hilar­i­ous and charm­ing . I later found out that Mr. Danziger used to be a TV writer on shows such as  Taxi and Kate and Allie. He writes a bi-weekly column in the Huffington Post […]

Author Q&A with David Mar­golick

David Margolick’s book Elizabeth and Hazel (my thoughts) is a fascinating book about two fascinating women. The book tackles tough and sensitive issues while following the trials and tribulations of Eliz­a­beth Eck­ford and Hazel Bryan were cap­tured for pros­per­ity in a pho­to­graph by Will Counts while on Elizabeth’s first day at the newly desegregated Central […]

Author Q&A with Karl Friedrich

Karl Friedrich (web­site) wrote the historical fiction Wings: A Novel of World War II Fly­girls (my thoughts). Wings is a wonderful book about the US Army’s Women Air­force Ser­vice Pilot or WASP. Those brave women flew planes for the military around the country providing variety of functions, transport, placement and even target practice. The women […]

Author Q&A with Stephen England

Stephen England (website) is the prolific write of Pandora’s Grave (my thoughts). The book is a very interesting thrill ride and I was interested how Mr. England came up with the idea, his research and writing process. Q. How did you come up with the idea to write about Pandora’s Grave? A.The potential of a […]

Author Q&A with Sharon Kay Penman

Sharon Kay Pen­man (web­site | Blog | Face­book) writes wonderful historical fiction books (and a resident of my home state of New Jersey). I recently read her new novel “Lionheart” (book review) which follows Richard I, or as he is better known Richard the Lionheart through the Third Crusade. I was very happy when she […]

Author Q&A with Cynthia Kocialski

Cynthia Kocialski wrote the book “Startup From the Ground Up” (book review) which I thought was very informative. I actually wished I had this book earlier in my life, during or right after high sch0ol. I had several questions for Ms. Kocialski and was lucky enough that she answered them. Q. I’m a big proponent of […]

Author Q&A with J.E. Fishman

Author J.E. Fish­man had a very inter­est­ing career in the book busi­ness; his blog is fas­ci­nat­ing and enlight­en­ing. Mr. Fish­man took the time to answer some ques­tions I had about his new thriller “Primacy” (book review).   Q. Why was it important for you to write a book about animal testing? A. The way we […]

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