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Book Review: The Book of Zev by Marilyn Horowitz

Zev Bronfman, an angry atheist who was brought up in a Hassidic home escapes death from a falling beam. This near death experience was a wakeup call for Zev, who leaves his parents for a not-so-lucrative job as a cab driver in New York City.

Book Review: Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith

About: Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith is an engaging novel which is thought provoking with an interesting premise. This is Mr. Smith’s debut novel. 384 pages Publisher: Atria Books Language: English ISBN-10: 1476730539 My rating for Forty Acres – 4 Buy this book from in paper or elec­tronic format*   Thoughts: Forty Acres by […]

Book Review: Village of Secrets by Caroline Moorehead

Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France by Caroline Moorehead tells the story of the small village and its surrounding area which were responsible for saving thousands of people during World War II who were on the Gestapo’s wanted list. The villagers saved many Jews but also resisters, freemasons, communists, and downed Allied airmen.

Book Review: GI Brides by Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi

The story is told through the eyes of the woman who lived it, while it took around the same time, each one had an individual and unique experience. While the synopsis might sound like a fairytale (falling in love, crossing the ocean, etc.) the reality was much harsher and difficult.

Graphic Novel Review: Normandy: A Graphic History of D-Day by Wayne Vansant

About: Normandy: A Graphic History of D-Day, The Allied Invasion of Hitler’s Fortress Europe by Wayne Vansant is a graphic novel recounting the events of that fateful day and those leading up to it. 104 pages Publisher: Zenith Press Language: English ISBN-10: 0760343926     My rating for Normandy: A Graphic History of D-Day – […]

Book Review: Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell

About: Death of Kings by Bernard Cornwell is the sixth novel in this historical-fiction series featuring Uhtred of Bebbanburg. The series is called The Saxon Chronicles and tells about eh unification of Anglo Saxon England as well as the expulsion of the Danes from Britain.   336 pages Publisher: Harper Paperbacks Language: English ISBN-10: 0061969664 […]

Book Review: The Jew Store by Stella Suberman

The book is not only a memoir, but a commentary about the life in a small southern town circa the 1920s. A town where almost everyone never even saw a Jew nevertheless interacted with one.

Book Review: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

There are many well described aspects which surround the story: familial roles, household chores division, raising children, religion and more. The author tries to accentuate the harshness that some women have in their life and that no matter what they’ll do, they’ll never get ahead because of how they grew up and /or who they were born to.

Book Review: Early Decision by Lacy Crawford

Ms. Crawford wrote an amusing book, easy to read, quick, intelligent and often funny. The author even made me like some of the most spoiled kids the protagonist was engaged with, as well as a few pointers on writing essays (and if you follow my blog you know that there is certainly a lot left to be desired).

Book Review: And Some Fell on Stony Ground by Leslie Mann

The story takes place over a course of about 12 hours, but much of the story is told in flashbacks and memories which are triggered by external events which the protagonist, a flier named Leslie Mason, experiences. Mason is experiencing a profound sense of loss almost every waking moment due to his luck of having survived many missions, but loosing many friends who did not have such good fortune. In his depressed state, Mason is concerned only with the present and survival, not concerned about past or future.

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