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Graphic Novel Review: Wonder Woman, Volume 1: The Lies by Greg Rucka

I liked this book even though it wasn’t meant for me. Wonder Woman is coming back with a vengeance as a symbol of female empowerment, as she was always meant to be.

Graphic Novel Review: Shazam! The New Beginning #1 by Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas

About: Shazam! The New Beginning  #1 by Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas (art by Tom Mandrake) is a graphic novel which retells the origins of Shazam. This graphic novel was originally published in 1987. My rat­ing for Shazam! The New Beginning  #1 — 3 Buy Batman – Shazam! The New Beginning  #1 from* Thoughts: My daughter took […]

Graphic Novel Review: Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 5: A Lonely Place of Living (Rebirth) by James Tynion IV

About: Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 5: A Lonely Place of Living (Rebirth) by James Tynion IV continues the Rebirth series where we see Batman building a team of heroes. This graphic novel collects issues of Detective Comics #963-968 and Annual #1. 144 pages Publisher: DC Comics Language: English ISBN-10: 1401278221   My rat­ing for Batman: […]

Graphic Novel Review: Hawkeye, Vol. 3: L.A. Woman by Matt Fraction

Kate Bishop, Hawkeye’s girlfriend who is the new Hawkeye, needs to get away from Clint Barton and New York, so she head to Los Angeles – with the dog. Madame Masque is also in LA, she finds Kate and, of course, tries to kill her (again!!!).

Graphic Novel Review: Teen Titans Vol. 1: Damian Knows Best by Benjamin Percy

I felt this story is a cliché, the Teen Titans accept Damian as some sort of leader, while teaching him a few social graces, while making him realize that he doesn’t need to be a jerk all the time.

Graphic Novel Review: Super Sons Vol. 2: Planet of the Capes (Rebirth) by Peter J. Tomasi

The story in this graphic novel takes on too much, some stories are simply loosely tied together and are overly complex for what it is. I enjoyed the relationship between Jon and Damian but I think a less bombastic mission/adventure would have played better.

Book Review: A Castle in Romagna by Igor Štiks

The subject matter is serious and dark. Emotional leaders making bad decisions, abusing their authority.

Book Review: House of Rougeaux by Jenny Jaeckel

A good story but not one that gets a hold of you and doesn’t let go

Graphic Novel Review: Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Power Outage (The New 52) by Amanda Conner and‎ Jimmy Palmiotti

I enjoyed the stories were the fourth wall is being broken and Harley is out in the real world, my favorite was the story where she goes to Comic-Con, it was very funny and I’m sure there were many gags I didn’t even get (bonus points for including Bruce Timm and Paul Dini).

Book Review: Silence in the Desert by David Longridge

About: Silence in the Desert by David Longridge is a historical fiction story taking place around World War II. The novel follows four friends, on opposite sides serving different masters during the war. 304 pages Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd Language: English ISBN-10: 1788034503 My rating for Silence in the Desert– 3 Buy Silence in the Desert from* More Books […]

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