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  • Rally ‘Round the Corpse by Hy Conrad – A mystery novel about a murder/mystery game which Soon after it begun, the eccen­tric cre­ator mys­te­ri­ously dies. The game becomes real when one of the guests die and the tour guide real­izes that the mys­tery is actu­ally based on a real-life unsolved crime.

  • Radio Shangri-La by Lisa Napoli – A memoir starting in 2007. The author volunteered to go to Bhutan and help launch their first radio station.

  • Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap Stories – A non-fiction book by the famous rocker writing anecdotes about his career and the peo­ple he met.

  • The Ranger by Ace Atkins – The first book in a new series introducing Army Range Quinn Colson coming home to investigate the murder of his uncle, the sheriff.

  • Red Lanterns Vol. 1: Blood and Rage by Peter Milligan (illustrated by Ed Benes) – A graphic novel following Atrocitus is the founder of the Red Lantern Corps, beings who get their power from hatred and anger.

  • Red Lanterns, Vol. 2: The Death of the Red Lanterns by Peter Milligan (art by Miguel Sepúlveda and Ed Benes) – A graphic novel continuing the story of the Red Lanterns, fueled by anger and rage.

  • Red Lanterns Vol. 3: The Second Prophecy by Peter Milligan (illustrated Miguel Sepulveda) – A graphic which continues the story of the brutal civil war the Red Lanterns fighting, and follows three arcs: an origin story of Atrocitus, Rankorr coming to terms with losing his humanity in favor of being a Red Lantern (Bleez acting as his conscious), and the rest of the Red Lanterns looking after the battery.

  • Redshirts by John Scalzi – A science-fiction story which parodies the Star Trek TV show in which stock characters, often wearing red shirts, dies soon after being introduced.

  • The Redeemers by Ace Atkins – The fifth book in The Ranger series, when Quinn Colson has lost the re-election for Sheriff to Rusty Wise, a local insurance salesman. At the time, a local businessman’s home has been robbed and the safe where he supposedly keeps a lot of cash in has been literally ripped out and stolen.

  • The Reincarnationist by M. J. Rose – A fic­tional story involv­ing past lives and reli­gious myth. It is the first of a series,

  • A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick – A fictional story about a 58 year old widower and his mail order bride. The story takes place in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, as well as in the heated, burning desire of the characters’ hearts.

  • The Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs – The ape man is recov­er­ing from his sac­ri­fice at mar­riage to Jane Porter and goes to visit Paul d’Arnot in France. On the ship Tarzan becomes involved in the affairs of Count­ess Olga de Coude and her hus­band, Count Raoul de Coude while two peo­ple try to prey on them.

  • Return to the Reich: A Holocaust Refugee’s Secret Mission to Defeat the Nazis by Eric Lichtblau – The true story of Fred Mayer, a Jew born in Germany and returns as an American agent behind enemy lines.

  • The Returned by Jason Mott – The novel asks sev­eral very inter­est­ing ques­tions: what would you do if loved ones came back from the dead? Are they your loved ones or are they “copies”? How would the world react? What would the world do with all the over pop­u­la­tion?

  • Returning by Yael Shahar – A novel in which a former Jewish Sonderkommando (a person who worked in the gas chambers and crematoriums) in Auschwitz tells about his experiences to a rabbi, asking if he could be forgiven.

  • Revelators by Ace Atkins – The tenth crime novel in The Ranger series, featuring ex-Army Ranger Queen Colson who was shot up and left for dead, but he’s not that easy to kill. Together with his wife, Maggie, and a stubborn personality Queen makes a slow, painful recovery and sets out to find who tried to kill him.

  • Rhino Ranch by Larry McMurtry – A fictional book set in Texas following famil­iar char­ac­ters from pre­vi­ous McMurtry Books.

  • The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II by Jeff Shaara – The first book in a historical series about World War II, this one starts at the African campaign and ends before the invasion into France.

  • The Risk Agent by Ridley Pearson – a fic­tional mystery/thriller tak­ing place in China. The book is the first of a new series.

  • The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Dark­est Jour­ney by Can­dice Mil­lard – A non-fiction book telling of the extra­or­di­nary expe­di­tion led by Cân­dido Mar­i­ano da Silva Ron­don and his co-commander, ex-President Theodore Roo­sevelt, down the unex­plored trib­u­taries of the Ama­zon in 1914.

  • Road to Reckoning by Robert Lautner– At age 12 Thomas Walker to go out west and sell Samuel Colt’s rev­o­lu­tion­ary “Improved Revolv­ing Gun”. Not long after their trav­els start, Thomas’ father is killed by rob­bers, and the young orphan tries to make it back home with his few pos­ses­sions, includ­ing a wooden model of the gun, and no money, rely­ing on the kind­ness of strangers.

  • Rocamora by Donald Michael Platt – A his­tor­i­cal fic­tion book tak­ing place in 17th Cen­tury Spain based on the life of Vicente de Rocamora a poet, fighter and Domini­can priest who was thrust into the schem­ing court of King Philip IV. This book was the 2012 final­ist in the Inter­na­tional Book Awards for His­tor­i­cal Fiction.

  • Rock­ing the Wall: Bruce Spring­steen: The Berlin Con­cert that Changed the World by Eric Kirschbaum – A a well researched, inter­est­ing book about a fas­ci­nat­ing slice of his­tory. The author tries to say that Spring­steen had a part in the rev­o­lu­tion that took place later on to take down the Berlin Wall, whether he did or did not we’ll never know – but we’d like to think he might have.

  • Room by Emma Donoghue – A fictional award winning book with a disturbing premise.  The book tells of Ma, who has been kidnapped and locked in a room for seven years by “Old Nick”.  Ma and Old Nick have a son, Jack who is also lives in the room without being able to leave.

  • Roma by Steven Saylor – A his­tor­i­cal fic­tion book which attempts to tell 1,000 years of his­tory in 600 pages.

  • Rogue Heroes: The History of the SAS, Britain’s Secret Special Forces Unit That Sabotaged the Nazis and Changed the Nature of War by Ben Macintyre – A non-fiction book about the founding and early years of the British Special Air Service (SAS).

  • Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries #3) by Martha Wells -A science-fiction book following an sarcastic self-aware cyborg that goes off the a deserted terraforming facility called Milu to investigate GrayCris, which is illegally collecting valuable remnants of alien civilizations

  • The Ruins of Us by Keija Parssinen – A fic­tional book set in Saudi Ara­bia, a char­ac­ter study of mar­riage in the midst of a cul­ture clash.

  • Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay – A fic­tional book which fol­lows the com­plex life of a Russ­ian prima bal­le­rina who defected to the US.

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  • The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, the CIA, and the Battle over a Forbidden Book by Peter Finn and Petra Couvee – A non-fiction book covering the history of the famous novel Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak and how it was used by the CIA for propaganda purposes. Mostly telling of a brilliant, and brave writer, a system that tried to destroy him and a system that tried to use him to win a very small victory in the Cold War.

  • Zorro by Isabel Allende– A novel which retells the story of the leg­endary hero.

  • Zuleikha by Guzel  Yakhina (translated by Lisa Hayden) – A novel about a Tartar widow who has been exiled to Siberia in the 1930s.  This book was the winner of the Yasnaya Polyana Literary Award and the Russia Big Book literary prize, as well as being short listed for the Russian Booker Prize.