Bookish Gift Boxes

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I accompanied the wife to a discount store to shop for some gifts for the kiddies. I guess she’s a much better person than I am because, for the life of me, I cannot see how is it beneficial to get so much crap in such a short period of time. It doesn’t make one a good or descent human being, quite the opposite, and it certainly doesn’t help the financial situation around the house.
Alas, that is a fight I lost to my wife and society.

However, one must always look at the silver lining and look what I found. Some very cool gift books which look like books – they run from $2 to $6 and look very cool. I tried to look for them online but could not find them. If interested, I saw them in Amazing Savings on Rt. 18 in East Brunswick, NJ.

If you see them anywhere else, please leave a comment.

And no, we didn’t buy any. Most of the gifts we bought were under $5 so to put them in a $5 box didn’t make any sense; it’s like those guys driving around in a $300 car with a loud $500 muffler.

¬†And some boxes for my Jewish friends…

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