Book Review: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I borrowed this book.

My rating for The Shadow of the Wind –5

The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón is a 2001 fictional story and a worldwide best seller.  The book follows a young boy named Daniel and has possibly one of the best literary inventions of the decade the “Cemetery of Forgotten Books”.

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I love books about books and this biblio-adventure is no different.

Reading  “Shadow of the Wind” and couldn’t put it down, even though Goth is not my genre.  The story is well rounded, combining politics, romance, horror and fantastic wit into a skillful narrative.  Even though the plot twists are by no means surprising the overall effect is immense.  Everything about this book is smooth, the language, prose, and twists leisurely unravel at a slower pace than one expects a book of such size to be.

This is a superbly entertaining book, yet highly sophisticated.  Zafón is a master at spinning this complex yarn using Barcelona as a setting for night time pursuits and dark melodrama.

My compliments to the translator Lucia Graves who, I believe, kept the story true and the jokes funny

The book takes place in Barcelona before the Spanish Civil War. Our hero, Daniel, is taken by his father to a secret place called the “Cemetery of Forgotten Books” (as a book lover, this opening immediately got my attention). The “Cemetery” is a huge library of old books that no-one remembers run convincingly by a select few. The tradition is that everyone who get initiated is allowed to take one book and must do everything they can to protect it. Daniel selects a forgotten book called “The Shadow of the Wind” by an unknown author named Julian Carax. After he finishes reading the book he starts looking for other books by this author. During his search he comes across a man named Lain Coubert – which in the book is the Devil. Mr. Coubert has been buying Carax’s books for many years only to set them on fire.

There is much more to this book, interwoven stories about love gained, love lost success, and failures all somehow tied to the dead or alive Carax.

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