Book Review: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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I bor­rowed this book.

My rat­ing for The Shadow of the Wind -5

"The Shadow of the Wind" by Car­los Ruiz Zafón is a 2001 fic­tional story and a world­wide best seller.  The book fol­lows a young boy named Daniel and has pos­si­bly one of the best lit­er­ary inven­tions of the decade the "Ceme­tery of For­got­ten Books".

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I love books about books and this biblio-adventure is no different.

Read­ing  "Shadow of the Wind" and couldn't put it down, even though Goth is not my genre.  The story is well rounded, com­bin­ing pol­i­tics, romance, hor­ror and fan­tas­tic wit into a skill­ful nar­ra­tive.  Even though the plot twists are by no means sur­pris­ing the over­all effect is immense.  Every­thing about this book is smooth, the lan­guage, prose, and twists leisurely unravel at a slower pace than one expects a book of such size to be.

This is a superbly enter­tain­ing book, yet highly sophis­ti­cated.  Zafón is a mas­ter at spin­ning this com­plex yarn using Barcelona as a set­ting for night time pur­suits and dark melodrama.

My com­pli­ments to the trans­la­tor Lucia Graves who, I believe, kept the story true and the jokes funny

The book takes place in Barcelona before the Span­ish Civil War. Our hero, Daniel, is taken by his father to a secret place called the "Ceme­tery of For­got­ten Books" (as a book lover, this open­ing imme­di­ately got my atten­tion). The "Ceme­tery" is a huge library of old books that no-one remem­bers run con­vinc­ingly by a select few. The tra­di­tion is that every­one who get ini­ti­ated is allowed to take one book and must do every­thing they can to pro­tect it. Daniel selects a for­got­ten book called "The Shadow of the Wind" by an unknown author named Julian Carax. After he fin­ishes read­ing the book he starts look­ing for other books by this author. Dur­ing his search he comes across a man named Lain Cou­bert — which in the book is the Devil. Mr. Cou­bert has been buy­ing Carax's books for many years only to set them on fire.

There is much more to this book, inter­wo­ven sto­ries about love gained, love lost suc­cess, and fail­ures all some­how tied to the dead or alive Carax.

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